Kathasangama Trailer: Though A Glimpse, All The Seven Stories Look Extremely Captivating

kathasangama trailer

Rishab Shetty’s much-awaited production – Katha Sangama is bracing for a release in the next few weeks. The trailer of this movie has been unveiled today, amidst huge expectations and the promise of ending this decade on a high.

The 3 minutes 4 second-video has been cut well, with Rishab Shetty’s vision clearly impressing the audience and setting the right note for a memorable ‘tribute’.


A Septuple to Savour

A collection of seven short movies, Katha Sangama is probably the first anthology that has been made in this generation by Sandalwood filmmakers. 7 different directors, musicians, DOP’s & a bunch of talented actors have amalgamated their skills for this movie. Going by trailer, although only a glimpse has been offered to the audience, all the seven stories look extremely captivating, with each department putting their best foot forward.

A Strong Blend of Emotions

All the stories seem to focus on relationships, and situations wherein emotions of the characters come to the forefront. Be it the father-daughter bond in Kishore’s story, the Kudla love story in Raj B Shetty’s tale or the highly intriguing Haripriya- Rishab Shetty faceoff, each story has a clear line of path and motive. Rest assured, we can expect to be overwhelmed by a strong blend of emotions at the theatres.

The length & breadth of the state

If you notice closely, Katha Sangama has covered the length & breadth of our state with its characters and stories. Raj B Shetty’s Mangalorean accent & the North-Karnataka slang of the woman who has lost herself in the city have triggered a lot of expectations about this flick. Karnataka boasts of rich cultural diversity and hopefully, Katha Sangama can tap into this aspect in a good way.


Tribute to the ‘Legend’

Puttanna Kanagal is one of the best directors that our country has ever seen. His ‘Katha Sangama’ in 1976 was a blockbuster and is considered as a classic even now, in the age of evolved filmmaking techniques.

Puttanna Kanagal’s storylines & themes were beyond comparison & if not entirely, we can witness a sight at his wizardry in the trailer of Katha Sangama. Truly, Rishab Shetty could not have had a better thought of glorifying the genius.