Kashmiri Pandit Sarpanch, Ajay Pandita, Becomes A Victim Again, Shot Dead By Terrorists

The word “suffering ” itself has a lot of pain in it and Kashmiri Pandits have been the victims of it for more than a decade now. Recently, a Kashmiri Pandit Sarpanch, Ajay Bharati, has been brutally killed by the terrorists, who have no courtesy for human lives. Sitting across the Line of Control, once again it has been proven beyond doubt that terrorists and their handlers are the worst enemies of people of Kashmir, as they don’t spare any individual of Kashmir who aims for freedom.

Abandoning the idea of living in a different city, Ajay Bharti took a bold step and returned to Kashmir along with his family in 1996 as he loved his roots. He was a symbol of Kashmir’s pluralism and Kashmiriyat. No one from Jammu came to vote for him in the Panchayat elections, which were held in 2018. The people who voted for him were Kashmiri Muslims of his own village.


Courtesy: headlineenglish.com

Since his death as become a big concern, people raised a couple of important questions for justification. Why has our leadership failed to protect the people who have been loyal to the country? Why did the regimes led by Congress and other parties prior to 2014 just focus on few political families and the separatists? Had the erstwhile governments given loyal people a chance today, J&K would have been a better place to live in. It’s unfortunate that loyalists were always taken for granted.

In the process of acting tough against the anti-nationals, a few hyper-nationalist leaders and some media houses are trying to label every Kashmiri as a hate monger and a separatist. However, the world needs to know that they have faced bullets and bombs but have not allowed Pakistan to succeed in its precarious affairs.

Top officials in the security establishment have often reiterated that its due to the local support and information that security forces have got an upper hand against the terrorists. These glaring facts and realities cannot be ignored.


Ajay Bharti’s death has been taken as a personal loss by a majority of Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir.