IAS Officer From Madhya Pradesh Feels The Kashmir Files Makers Should Donate Profits To Brahmin Kids

An IAS officer from Madhya Pradesh has triggered fresh controversy over Vivek Agnihotri’s film The Kashmir Files. He said that the makers should donate the profits to Kashmiri pandits.

IAS’ statement sparks controversy 

An Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer in Madhya Pradesh Niyaz Khan went on to compare the difficulty of Muslims with that of Kashmiri Pandits and said the Muslims in the country are not insects but human beings and citizens. He also tells that the profits of the movie should be granted for education and construction of homes of Brahmin children in Kashmir.


In a series of tweets, IAS Niyaz Khan said “Kashmir Files shows the pain of Brahmins. They should be allowed to live safely in Kashmir with all honor. The producer must also make a movie to show the killings of a large number of Muslims across several states. Muslims are not insects, but human beings and citizens of the country.”

In his previous tweet on The Kashmir Files, the civil servant had said “Thinking to write a book to show the massacre of Muslims on different occasions so that a movie like Kashmir Files could be produced by some producer, so that, the pain and suffering of minorities could be brought before Indians.”

Problem over society 

Niyaz Khan currently holds the post of Deputy Secretary in the Public Works Department in Madhya Pradesh, he has also written many books to his credit.


Khan further wrote, “There is a violent section of society who have blocked their ears to hear the truth. Even so-called educated people use street-level language to abuse the truth speaker. Bad upbringing and fundamentalists company have eaten up their minds. Using dirty language shows their minds. Sad.”

After Khan’s series of tweets went viral, the ruling BJP MLA from Bhopal district Rameshwar Sharma took a dig at the IAS officer and said “While in the Indian Administrative Service, expressing your concern towards only one section is against the conduct rules of the Union Public Service Commission. Still, if you have a passion to become the leader of any class, then leave the job of IAS and come to the field.”

In another tweet, the MLA wrote “I urge the Madhya Pradesh government to take note of his statement and seek an explanation.”