Karnataka To Ban Sale Of Junk food In And Around Schools

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The government is planning to take out all junk food stalls near schools all over Karnataka. Fast food like Noodles, Burger, Pizza, Chips and other unhealthy snacks will be banned within 50 meters of and on-premises of schools.

A total Junk food ban

The primary and secondary education minister S Suresh Kumar on Thursday issued an order to the department’s principal secretary to compose rules for implementation of the junk food ban.


Citing Food safety standards, Kumar said the ban must be executed in the state quickly. He also said it should cover carbonated beverages, processed fruit juice packs, and other such junk food.

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The authority stated that the food business operators producing items shall not display or sell junk foods on the institution’s premises or within 50 meters of the campus. They have also been provided with details on what students should eat sparingly, moderately, carefully and adequately.

Doubting the implementation of the plan

Pointing out a concern The Karnataka Associated Management of Private Schools (KAMS), doubted the implementation of this plan. “We understand the minister’s intention. However, the police and health departments have failed in curtailing the sale and usage of tobacco products in the vicinity of schools. How will they implement the junk food ban?,” said D Shashi Kumar, general secretary, KAMS.


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Fast food consumption in the city has seen massive growth during recent times. And the reason behind this problem is that healthy food is more expensive than junk food, and that is one reason many opt for unhealthy food.

“Junk food is high fat, sugar, and salt, which may make it more palatable and satisfying, but it creates a vicious cycle of sugar addiction like cocaine,” says nutritionist Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi.

source: dnaindia

There is enough evidence that junk food affects memory, results in obesity, and ruins mental well being. However, knowing the fact, these items become comfort food and people (mainly youngsters) tend to crave them. Youth between 16 and 25, interviewed, commonly say they eat pizzas and burgers outside as they already get healthy food at home.