Karnataka Plans To Adjust The National Education Policy To Meet Local Needs

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Karnataka is all set to introduce a new Education policy that will meet local needs. The 1 crore students in the states will be implemented with the, “5+3+3+4” system of education and better teachers, with a better-localized plan.

National Education Policy for Karnataka

Karnataka government is looking to unveil National Education Policy (NEP) and it is planning to alter it to suit local requirements. If everything goes well according to the plan, the Karnataka Education Policy will be tabled in the legislature.


NEP dwells on combining pre-primary education with primary education, which is already on the stage of the program. The system looks to introduce a “5+3+3+4” system of education, instead of the traditional 10+2 system.

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Under this new system, including school and pre-school education, the first five years would be the foundational stage (three years of pre-primary school, followed by grades 1 and 2), after which would begin the preparatory stage (grades 3, 4 and 5), the middle stage (grades 6, 7 and 8) and then the secondary stage (grades 9, 10, 11 and 12).

“The new education pattern of 5+3+3+4 proposed by NEP is to be localized and extension and extension of RTE provision to pre-primary education are to be welcomed,” said, primary and secondary education minister S Suresh Kumar.


Metting local needs

However, Suresh Kumar has said that the new NEP policy has to be viewed which would be able to fulfill the most local requirements. Having a strong public education system is the primary agenda of the education department.

The minister explains the role of teachers in mentoring the students, he said, “NEP proposes quality teacher education, for which we must have a strong plan of utilizing our available resources. Pre-service teacher education has to be strengthened according to our needs and meritorious selection criteria for teachers that fulfills our requirement has to be planned. There’s a long-standing demand from teachers for exemption from non-academic work. We have certain ideas to limit training schedules to holiday seasons, which need to be looked into.”

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The other aspects will be molded according to Karnataka’s needs include mother tongue as medium of guidance, vocational education in schools, teaching that takes care of students’ socio-psychological development, minimum levels of learning and four-year integrated BEd.


Not only that, an earlier report revealed NEP’s idea for prolonging the free and compulsory schooling policy right from pre-school till Class 12. Previously, this provision under the Right to Education was only available from Class 1 to Class 8. In addition to the popular midday meal, the draft also proposes providing a “nutritious” breakfast for pre-school and primary school students.