10 Interesting Facts About Darshan Proves that the Struggle is Hard even for a Star-kid.

Interesting Facts About Darshan

Darshan Toogudeepa, the Challenging star of Kannada film industry is truly a heartthrob of mass movie lovers in Sandalwood and there is no exaggeration to it. The actor who gets called as D-Boss and Box-office Sultan in his fan community didn’t had an easy walk to success. Being the son of Toogudeepa Srinivas, the star villain of KFI, Darshan has to go through all the phases that every other non-star kid in the industry will suffer and tolerate. The very journey of Darshan from working as a light-man to becoming a super-star actor is nothing less than a movie. Here we bring to you a few stories and interesting facts about Darshan in today’s read. Check’m out.

Interesting Facts about Darshan, D-Boss of KFI

Toogudeep Srinivas was reluctant towards the entry of Darshan into films

Toogudeep Srinivas is considered as one of the legendary villains of Kannada film industry and the prowess he had in his acting was hard to match. Being a son of such a legend, Darshan had all the opportunities to enter the movie land with ease but it was not destined for him. Darshan joined Ninasam to pursue his acting course against the wish of his father because Mr. Srinivas did not want his son to become an actor.

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Darshan worked as a Projectionist and Lightman in his early days

After graduating from Ninasam, Darshan started working as a projectionist followed by assisting the veteran cinematographer B.C Gowri Shankar. In the meantime, he tried his hands on anchoring and milk business before taking up a role in S.Narayan’s teleserial.

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Incident: Once Parvathamma Rajkumar got devastated sighting Darshan carrying Lights in the shooting. She then requested the director not to put heavy loads on him and reminded the fact of he being the son of Toogudeepa Srinivas.

Managed with Side Roles

Darshan then went on to do few supporting roles in movies like Mahabharatha (1997) Devara Maga (2000), Ellara Mane Dosenoo (2000), Bhoothayyana Makkalu (2000) and Mr. Harischandra (2001).

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Darshan as a side actor in Vijaykanth’s Tamil movie

One lesser-known fact about Darshan is that he has acted in a Tamil movie called Vallarasu released in 2002. The actor was seen in a group of friends aspiring to join the police force. It was such a tiny role that no one recognized him in a bigger way.

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Darshan’s Major Break came with ‘Majestic’ released in 2001

After going through all the struggle, Darshan finally managed to get a role in P.N Sathya’s ‘Majestic’ released in 2001. The role of Daasa, an innocent youth-turned-underworld-don got him a break in the industry and the movie went to become a mega-hit.

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The Year 2003 was a Kenchalo Manchalo time for Darshan

Kariya, Jogi Prem’s directorial venture which broke all the box-office records of that time and went to become a mega-blockbuster-hit of the year. Following, Darshan portrayed himself in diverse roles; an aspiring musician in Laali Haadu, a journalist in Lankesh Patrike, and a blind poor man in Namma Preethiya Ramu which mirrored his acting skills on the silver screen.

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Back-to-back Super-Hits

Om Prakash Rao’s Kalasipalya and P.N Sathya’s Daasa became the blockbuster hits of 2005. The row of films such as Shashtri, Ayya, Swamy, Suntaragaali, Daatha, Bhoopathi, Snehana Preethina, Anatharu laid a strong foundation for the actor. However, the struggle was still On.

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Gaja became the Biggest Game-Changer for Darshan

Until Gaja, Darshan had no particular identity in the industry and he had to do all sort of films that came on his way. In 2008, Gaja helped him to establish a niche and the humongous success of the movie made him the most sought-after hero in the industry. Films that followed by; Indira, Arjun, Navagraha, Yodha, Abhay, and Porki got a huge fan base thus making him the Sultan of Box-office.

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Filmfare Award and Karnataka State Awards

After the biggest career hit through Saarathi, Darshan went to do a historical character in the movie called Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna. This movie got him all the accolades along with his maiden Karnataka State awards, SIIMA Award, and the prestigious Filmfare award for best actor.

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Cars and Animals Drives Darshan Crazy

Darshan is a vivid animal lover and it so intense that he has a dedicated farmhouse in Mysore for pets and animals. Also, the actor is fond of Cars and loves to purchase costliest cars in the market.

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Hope you found these facts about Darshan interesting and inspiring. The struggle is Hard and the way he has clinched to success is a motivation for every aspiring people out there.

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