India is going to pay a huge price for Modi Govt’s inability to handle coronavirus: Rahul Gandhi

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Courtesy: Zee News

Calling for quick and aggressive action to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi warned that India could pay an extremely heavy price for the inabilities of the Narendra Modi government.

Sparking yet another controversy, Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to voice his ‘concern’ over the country’s current situation. He said that the unpreparedness of the BJP government and the inability to act effectively would cause serious trouble for the country in the coming days.


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Courtesy: The Economic Times

Earlier, he had also warned about the coronavirus destroying the Indian economy that is already limping on its limbs. He had also taken a dig at the government officials that ignoring the problem is not the solution.

The Situation of COVID-19 in the country

As of March 18th, there are a total of 156 confirmed cases in India who has been tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus causing 3 deaths and affecting 16 states. In total, 15 patients have successfully recovered.

India also successfully evacuated its citizens from the corona hit regions of Wuhan and Iran. While India was lauded for its effort to evacuate, the foreign media is raising serious doubts over the official numbers projected by the Indian government.


Maharashtra has been the most severe hit state with a total of 43 confirmed cases. Behind Maharashtra is Kerala with 30 cases out of which 3 have recovered already. Karnataka also reported fresh numbers as its tally rose to 14 on Wednesday with one death.

Practically, all of India is currently in lockdown with state governments taking necessary precautions. According to ICMR, India has officially entered the second phase of the pandemic. Concerns from Italy, Iran, and China pour in with suggestions to contain the virus before it reaches the stage where the above countries are currently.

The Prime Minister called for the SAARC video conference earlier in the week to discuss the measures to prevent and fight the pandemic. Anti-dot for the virus is being tested in various parts of the world with Israel and China leading the fight. As the different governments continue their efforts to combat the virus, the world stands together with them in panic.