Meet Eniyavan, A School Dropout Who is A Phd From American University For Preparing 2000 Varieties Of Idlis


The South Indian Idli is the most favored breakfast items in India for its lightness, taste, and nutrition. Importantly, it is quite flexible as you can prepare a variety of idlis using different toppings, blends, and masalas. But can you imagine anyone preparing around 2000 varieties of idlis?

Well, meet the Idli King M Eniyavan who started the World Idli Day in 2015 and since then has been adding new innovation, creativity, and craziness to the way he prepares idlis every day.

From Auto Driver To Idli Maker- Interesting Journey Of Eniyavan

Prior to becoming an idli-maker, M Eniyavan was an auto-rickshaw driver who suddenly got interested in making idli. It so happened that once this class 8 dropout got introduced to a passenger who was carrying a huge trough of idli batter.

This lady by the name Chandra ran a business of selling idlis to the local eating centers. She became a regular passenger of Eniyavan inspiring him to come up with his own shop. He started the shop in Chennai and named it as Mallipoo Idli.

Even today, Eniyavan sells more than 30 varieties of idlis in his shop every day and until now has innovated more than 2,000 idli varieties. He even tried his luck in Guinness Book of Records by steaming idli of 124.8 kg. His innovations in idli are inspired by daily activities in real life. For example, when his children wanted pizza he prepared pizza idli by steaming a plate of idli batter and adding some leftover poriyal over it.


M Eniyavan Wants To Make Idlis More Interesting

To make idlis more interesting Eniyavan keeps on trying new and old tricks of steaming idli. He uses his grandmother’s technique of adding coconut water to the batter instead of water which she used for readying appam’s batter.

According to Eniyavan, many people think idli is a very simple dish and is very boring. The Idli King wants to change this and give idli its due.


And it seems that his attempts are really getting appreciation and rewards. An American University offered him a doctorate for his experimentation with idlis even though he is a school dropout. M Eniyavan prepares both spicy and sweet as well as idlis with a blend of these two tastes.

Other innovative idlis that you can find at Eniyavan’s Mallipoo Idli include Kung Fu Panda Idli, Mickey Mouse Idli, Veggie Idlis and more.   

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