World Idli Day : Bengaluru Is The Most Idli Eating City In India, Says Uber Eats Survey

world idli day

Idli is a very popular South Indian dish that is consumed with coconut chutney and sambhar more often. It is equally popular all over India as a breakfast item. Incidentally, a recently conducted study by Uber Eats revealed that Idli is the most ordered breakfast item in three metros of the country.

Bengaluru tops the list followed by Mumbai and Chennai.


Most Idli Eating Cities Also Include London And New Jersey

According to the Uber Eats India, Head of Central Operations, Deepak Reddy,  “Idli has been a top breakfast item that consumers love. It appeals to people of varied food preferences and is popular comfort food for many.”  

The food delivery app conducted a survey of around 38 cities to find out the most Idli eating city in the world. Apart from Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad also seem to love Idli in breakfast.

Top Idli Ordering Cities At the Global Level

At the global level, San Francisco, London, and New Jersey are the top Idli ordering cities.  An analysis says that people consume Idlis mostly during the morning breakfast time between 7.30 am and 11.30 am. The report says that this year people in India ordered the maximum amount of Idlis on March 10.


Apart from the traditional recipes, you get varieties of fusion recipes nowadays in restaurants and eateries. Chicken fry idli is a hot favorite in Coimbatore whereas Tiruchirapalli likes idli Manchurian. Nagpur offers a special twist with chocolate idli.

According to the analysis, most of the Indians always request extra sambhar and chutney. Nowadays, the health-conscious Indians are adding vegetables to make idlis more fiber-rich and healthier and make a nutritious start to their day.

March 30 Is World Idli Day- A Brainchild Of Eniyavan

March 30 is being celebrated as World Idli Day for the last 3 years. It is an idea of a popular Idli-only caterer, Eniyavan who stays in Chennai. Popularly called Idli King, Eniyavan received support from Rajamani Iyer, the President of Tamil Nadu Catering Employees Union.


When for the first time the hastag#WorldIdliDay started trending on Twitter everyone on social media was surprised. Rather the trend was among the topmost 3 in India on Twitter for all the day.

In 2015, Eniyavan prepared around 1,328 varieties of Idlis to make a mark and commemorate the Idli day. He also made giant 44-kilogram idli. The occasion was celebrated with top bureaucrat cutting the big idli and declaring March 30 as the World Idli Day.

The trend received a massive response on Twitter with many netizens coming out with their recommendations about where to get the best idlis in their respective cities. So, being a Bengalurian, tell us your favorite Idli places in the city. Let us know in the comments below.