“I have Developed Mysuru. I am next to Mysuru Maharaja”: Pratap Simha Claims

Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha has put forward a controversial and strong statement claiming that he has developed the Mysuru district and is next to Maharaja in this line. He questions the MLA of Mysuru and claims that he has done more work than the MLA himself.

What does he claim further?

While addressing a press conference regarding the new gas pipeline going to be installed in the city, he went to highlight the development that has taken place in his constituency. He went on to claim that he has won the elections in a lead as big as the Maharaja and because of him, Mysuru has seen much progress.


He categorically pointed out at the MLA L Nagendra that he is living in a superficial world. ‘He claims that there is a development worth Rs. 300 crores, he does not have an allocation of funds of even Rs. 30 crores.” He questions him to show the roads that have been developed and also points out at the KR Hospital which suffers from the problem of Mosquitos and Dogs.

“The Vijayanagara water tank was installed by me, the Passport Seva Kendra was installed by me, the flight taken by MLA to go to Goa was installed by me, the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway was installed by me, what has the MLA done?” he questioned.

He mocked the other leaders and said, “talking in the air is not right, let them come to me with facts, I will show them the truth.”


He also suggested that if the current leaders including the MLAs SA Ramdas and L Nagendra do not like the idea of the new pipeline or the scheme, let them write to the PM stating that it is not right and ask him to get removed by claiming that they are elder to him in this sense!