“I delete abusive comments at 3 am”: Ashneer Grover Talks About the Downside Of Being On SharkTank India

Ashneer Grover became extremely popular on the show Shark Tank India. Primarily due to his outspoken approach and the way he grilled the pitchers more than his expertise. But in several interviews he even spoke about how it was a tough thing.

More Facts

Speaking to comedians Rohan Joshi and Sahil Shah for Rohan’s YouTube channel, Ashneer responded to a question about the drawbacks of being on the show and said, “Bahut gaali padti hai. Abhi bhi raat ko chhup chhup kar main 3 baje uth kar gande comments to delete maarta hoon (I get abused a lot. Even now, I get up at 3 am and sneakily delete abusive comments from my social media).” He spoke about how negative attention was a part and parcel of the show for him.


He added that he even blocks people on social media en masse. “I block them also and even select the option ‘not only this person but any account they create in the future’,” he said. During the interaction, Ashneer said he found his new-found fame puzzling. He said, “People often come to click selfies and I have to smile at two different cameras while they do that. I don’t get it. If you want a selfie, get one with a pretty actress, why me?”

Ashneer Grover is the co founder of BharatPe and is one of the top entreprenuers of the country today. He has also enjoyed his fair share on controversies after the show.