After Bitter BharatPe Exit, Ashneer Grover Says He’ll Start His Own Venture

Ashneer Grover, co-founder and former Managing Director of BharatPe, said that he is intending to start his own venture without pursuing funds from the investors.

A new venture

Ashneer Grover and his wife Madhuri Jain Grover, who were BharatPe’s head of controls, had been earlier dismissed from the company for allegedly misappropriating funds. Now, the 40-year-old is looking to establish a new venture and said he will not go back to investors again.


“I wish to start my own venture with my own money and make it profitable,” he said during the recently-held TiECon-2022 start-up and entrepreneurial event in Chandigarh.

“I don’t want to go to the investors again,” Grover said, adding that his skirmish with BharatPe is a “badly fought corporate battle”.

The 40-year-old was also asked about purported audio of him allegedly verbally abusing a bank employee. “This is a bitter question. Neither I can confirm nor deny it,” he said, according to the reports.


The BharatPe skirmish

Both Grover and his wife have claimed that their removal from BharatPe was unfair and have frequently blamed CEO Suhail Sameer and Chairman Rajnish Kumar.

Ashneer, who was also one of the Shark Tank India hosts, last month threatened legal action against BharatPe CEO Suhail Sameer and the board for his comments on the professional networking platform LinkedIn against his sister Ashima Grover, along with seeking resignation from Chairman Rajnish Kumar.

In a letter written to BharatPe Board, Ashneer said that Sameer should be “immediately served a show-cause notice for his disgusting public behavior and immediately put on a leave of absence to manage the damage to the Brand of the company”.


The letter was marked to company investors, along with Chairman Kumar, CEO Sameer, and co-founder Shahshvat Nakrani.