Hyderabad Man Makes Dosa On His Vespa Scooter As Temperatures Soar To 40 Degrees, Video Goes Viral

A strange video of a man making a dosa on the seat of a scooter in Hyderabad is getting viral on the internet. This happened after a torrid heatwave sent the mercury rocketing across many parts of the city.

Blazing heat

India saw the hottest March in 120 years, followed by an all-time high in April. While there has been some rain in a few states in recent times, some places continue to face the force of blazing heat. Down south, Hyderabad is seeing temperatures strike the 40 degrees Celsius mark in multiple areas of the city.


As the blazing heat forced everything under the sun to heat up quickly, a food blogger from Hyderabad shared a video of making dosa on the seat of a Vespa scooter. Yes, you read it right!

Man cooks dosa on his scooter

In the clip, a man can be seen making a dosa on the seat of a scooter. He even flips the dosa to cook the other side. It did take some time to cook but eventually got developed into a fine dosa. This is not the crispiest dosa that you will see or eat but it sure indicates how hot the seats can become.

The video shows the scooter parked out in the sun. The soaring temperature was around 40 degrees but because the seat of the scooter is black colored, it captures and retains heat. The food blogger explained the same by putting dosa batter on the seat of the Vespa.


The clip has gone viral and has garnered over 3 lakh views and close to 2 lakh likes.