Coronavirus-Infected Techie Travelled From Bengaluru To Hyderabad, City Raises Alarm Bell

source: thehindu

Karnataka government on Tuesday raised an alarm over the deadly disease lingering within its regions. According to the sources, a young software engineer who works in Bengaluru was tested positive for coronavirus in Hyderabad.

Bengaluru techie being watched

Telangana Government informed about a techie from Bengaluru who was tested positive for coronavirus. It is said that he had earlier landed at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) from Dubai on February 19. Following which, he had left for Hyderabad on February 21 where he has tested positive.


The sources say that the 24-year-old techie, a native of Telangana, worked at a tech park in Bengaluru and lived in a paying guest accommodation in the city. It is also said that he had worked with people from Hong Kong in Dubai last month where he is presumed to have contracted the virus.

source: thehindu

Alert in Bengaluru  

Meanwhile, the top officials are hunting all those he may have come across on landing at KIA, including those on the flight, his co-passengers on the bus to Hyderabad, besides those he came across in the interim periods.

source: thepigeonexpress

“We are finding out where he used to sit at work, checking the people he worked with, those he associated with, etc. His main contacts, that is, those who he met on a daily basis, are also being tracked in Bengaluru and will be kept under home isolation. If they find themselves having any symptoms, they have to inform us immediately,” said Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Karnataka Health Commissioner.


It all happened when the techie arrived from Dubai, which has been notified as COVID19-affected city in the United Arab Emirates, the techie, as per custom, had been tested for coronavirus on landing at KIA and consequently kept in home isolation for two days. However, the test result showed he was not influenced by the virus following which he was permitted to leave for Hyderabad and he left by bus.

source: ndtv

As he visited Hyderabad, he reported a fever. His blood samples were taken and sent to the Pune-based National Institute of Virology, which sent back the results on Monday, saying he was coronavirus-positive. Following these incidents, he has now been kept in isolation at a hospital in Hyderabad.