How To Send Money To Inmates

source: cash2jail

Many people don’t think about having to send money to inmates until someone in their life is in this situation. However, knowing how to go about sending money can prove useful for the loved one of an inmate. Understanding this process will ensure that the money gets to the inmate without any difficulties.

Doing Time in Prison

Regardless of whether someone is serving a shorter prison term or a longer one, a prison term is life-changing for the inmate, as well as their family and friends. Prison sentences can last from a matter of several months to many years.


Longer sentences lasting for several years are common in both state or provincial and federal prisons for violent crimes such as murder, assault, and robbery. Even some non-violent offenses, such as crimes involving drug possession, carry long sentences that can span several years.

Smaller Crimes That Put People in Jail

There are crimes with shorter sentences involved that can also land someone in jail. Even these shorter sentences served in the county jail can be a significant life-changer for them and their loved ones. Examples of offenses that could involve confinement in county jails include violent misdemeanor charges, felony crimes, and more minor crimes like bounced checks or traffic offenses. Sentences served in a county jail often range from several days to several months.

Many jail inmates are also awaiting trial or transfer into federal custody. The duration of the stay can also be from a period of days to months, depending on when a hearing will occur and whether the accused is awaiting transfer into federal custody.


Why People Need Money When Doing Time

One of the most common reasons for people to send money to an inmate is to allow them to make calls. Being able to stay in touch with family members and friends on the outside is essential, especially for people in jail who have spouses or children. Phone calls are one reason for inmates to have money, but there are other reasons as well.

Buying personal care items from the commissary is another reason to make sure they have money. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and similar items that people need while incarcerated are easy for them to purchase with access to funds.

Another reason for jail inmates to have access to money is to buy items like snacks from the jail’s commissary. Being able to purchase things like these can make a difficult time easier for someone who is in jail. Being able to send money for a special treat can also help lift their spirits during a difficult time.


You always want to be careful when you send money to an inmate in county jail. When you send money via wire transfer, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it has gone through because you have proof of the transaction. The prisoner will also be safer because this process does not draw attention to the fact they have money.

How to Do It Safely

Wire transfer is among one of the easiest ways to ensure that the inmate gets the funds that they need. As long as you have the name of the inmate, the jail where they are, and their account number, you can have money wired for them to use. There are several ways you can go about adding money to a commissary account for someone currently jailed.

You can initiate a wire transfer online using a credit card. Mobile apps are also available to help you start this process from a mobile device if you are away from your computer.


A wire transfer can also be initiated by phone, as well as in-person through a wire transfer agent. Being able to send money safely and securely makes all the difference in ensuring that the inmate gets the funds they need.