How Americans Are Coping Up The Looooong Wait Of Result

Things are tense. As election officials work to count the remaining ballots, Americans have been left on the edge of their seats, sitting, watching and waiting for their next president.

But in the meantime, it’s meme time.


Since polls closed on Tuesday, Americans desperate for results have taken to social media, looking for ways to cope with election week anxiety. Ask the internet and you shall receive memes.

If one thing is clear, this election is starting to feel very, very long.

And as the officials count, pollsters predict, and the media projects, it has become very hard to think about absolutely anything else.


Special attention has been turned to Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania where officials have yet to declare the winner, and whose voters could send either Joe Biden or Donald Trump to the White House. Nevada in particular – normally thought of for the gambling and nightlife of Las Vegas – has become a particular target of social media frustration.

As it stands now, we’re still waiting on results from Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

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Source: BBC