Here’s Why Twitter Is Comparing Joe Biden With The NCP Leader Sharad Pawar

The much-awaited results of the United States Presidential Elections have come to a conclusion as Democrat Joe Biden was elected as the 46th President of the United States of America.

While many leaders of India have to send their congratulatory messages to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, many have been comparing Joe Biden with the NCP leader Sharad Pawar. Posting the photos of the two leaders, one user on Twitter wrote,


“Looks like Biden is taking campaign lessons from Pawar.”

Twitter have been wondering over the basis of this comparison of Joe Biden with Sharad Pawar. The answer is clear. People are comparing the leaders because both of them had delivered a speech in the rain.

The Speech In The Rain

During the final leg of the campaign in the US election, Joe Biden addressed a rally as the rain poured down in Florida State Fairground in Tampa. The rain began while he was in the middle of his speech. Biden fast-tracked his speech and ran to take shelter. He put an image on delivering a speech during the rain and wrote – This storm will pass, and a new day will come. However, this sent a dejavu for the Indian voters who had seen NCP leader doing the same a year ago in the 2019 assembly election in Maharashtra.

Joe Biden(1)
Source: Twitter

In his attempt to woo every voter, Sharad Pawar was addressing an election rally in Satara. As the rain poured down, Sharad Pawar continued his speech. He even refused the umbrella he was offered by his bodyguards. He said,


“The rain god has blessed the NCP. With his blessings, Satara district will now do magic in the upcoming polls.”

Even as the organizers were thinking of stopping the rally after the rain, Pawar remained unshaken by stepping into the dias and delivered a fiery speech against the ruling party of the Bharatiya Janata Party.


Source: Free Press Journal