Will Kamala Harris Take Over From Joe Biden? Rumours Swirl As US President’s Ratings Dip Amid Chaos In Afghanistan

 America has been unofficially throning Afghanistan for the last 20 years and suddenly as Biden took over the presidency; he decided to withdraw the American troops ending the two decade long Afghanistan war.Well its clear that this decision proved fruitful for Taliban as they are spreading their wings once again inside the country after 2001 creating an absolute dreadful environment filled with terror and dictatorship.

This mass slaughtering and killings has really disturbed people worldwide and especially Americans did not welcome this unwise decision.As a result the backlash has been immense for US President Joe Biden and whole of the democratic administration.


 Biden’s Rating Dips And Harris Being Preferred For Presidency

For the first time since Biden assumed office earlier this year, the Democrat’s have ratings dipped below the 50% mark. And while Biden continues to stand by his decision to pull US troops out of Afghanistan, the growing humanitarian and administrative crisis in the South Asian country has left many fuming.

20 years ago, the US had interjected itself into Afghanistan’s turbulent political landscape in the wake of the September 11 attacks. But while US troops did manage to keep the Taliban at bay, it came at a hefty price and with more than a trillion dollars having been spent on this war, the western nation has little to show for its efforts.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris election victory moments

Even as roughly two-thirds of Americans say they think the Afghanistan war wasn’t worth fighting, Biden’s approval rating has now dropped to an all-time-low. Alongside the situation in Afghanistan, a resurgence of new COVID-19 cases and deaths across the US have also played a role.


 Kamala Harris Gets An Upper Hand

According to a recent survey most voters believe that President Biden will not be able to finish out his term in office. But the natural progression of that belief – that Vice President Kamala Harris will take over the administration.

According to the report, 43% of likely US voters think Harris is qualified to assume the duties of the presidency. The numbers show a drop from April, where 49% had said Harris was qualified to become president. The critics also include 47% who say she is ‘Not At All Qualified’ to to assume the duties of the presidency.

Biden didn’t budge from his decision and this has now jittered his president seat which will certainly shake more as things are heating in Afghanistan and he is likely to grab more haters in America.