Hema Malini speaks up on the Hijab Row, Twitter reacts


The Hijab controversy in Karnataka has become one of the most spoken about issues of the country today and with every passing day we see a new reaction on the same. The reactions of those in the film arena has been quite observable but when it came to Hema Malini, Twitter is not keeping quite.

Her reaction v/s the internet 

Speaking to ANI, Hema Malini said, “Schools are for education and religious matters should not be taken there. Every school has a uniform that should be respected. You can wear whatever you want outside the school.”


Here is how twitter has reacted, while some support, some do not.

The matter has currently reached the High court and the final judgement by the court is yet to be heard. The court has hereby asked the students to maintain a status quo but not allowing either hijab or saffron shawls in the class beginning from Monday.