Revisit: Suspicious Things That Relate Gumnami Baba To Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

gumnami baba

Now all of us know who Subhash Chandra Bose is. But there have always been speculations about this great freedom fighter’s death. Some believe that he was killed in an airplane crash in Taiwan while others speculate that he died in Russia. Speculations further escalated when ‘Gumnami Baba’ (the name given by media) came into the picture with his death in 1985. A man popularly referred to as ‘Bhagwan Ji’ who lived in Ayodhya- Faizabad in the later years of his life was believed to be Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose himself. After his death, plenty of notes and things found in his room were claimed to be related to Neta Ji.

Many followers of Bhagwan Ji claimed that he was Neta Ji himself and that they kept their mouth shut for national interest. The matter became volatile when Lalita Bose, niece of Netaji, along with two other people filed a suit in Allahabad high court. It was then after a few years that an inquiry commission was formed which was headed by Justice Vishnu Sahai. Though over the years there have been several witnesses supporting the fact and vice – versa, let’s look at some things that relate Gumnami baba to Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose

Telegrams And Inland Letters

Among the things found in Gumnami baba’s room, post demise were the telegrams and letters written by one of the senior officials of Bose’s Indian national army – Dr. Pabitra Mohan Roy.

gumnami baba

Binoculars That Were Used By Azad Hind Fauj

A German-made pair of Binoculars used by INA and Subhash Chandra Bose and others were found in the room. Akram identified them and told that when his father Nizamuddin saw them on the news channels, he was surprised at the similar make was used by the members of INA as they were superior to Japanese brands. Akram also told that the INA members used German as well as Japanese weapons.

gumnami baba

Letter From M.S Golwalkar

A letter written by M S Gowalkar who was the RSS chief was found among other things. The chief referred Bhagwan Ji as ‘Pujyapad Shrimaan Swami Vijayanand Ji Maharaj’ in the letter. The letter read ‘’I received your letter written from August 25 to September 2 on September 6, 1972. If you point out one particular location out of the three places mentioned in the letter, then my job will certainly become easier.”

gumnami baba

Notes And The Book Named ‘’Himalayan Blunder’’

Notes that were marked ‘imp’ (important) and ‘M imp (most important) were found inside the book. There were portions which were underlined on almost every second page of the book.

A Handmade Map Of Bangladesh

A hand-made map mentioning Padma river and other rivers were found in the room as reported by Shakti Singh, who was the owner of Ram Bhavan, a place where Gumnami baba stayed during his last years.

Newspaper Cut Out That States Bose Was Still Alive In 1978

Now this one can definitely raise eyebrows. An article written by Samar Guha, dated March 13, 1978, was found in the room. The article talked about Bose being alive that time and that he was in Russia.

gumnami baba

Photographs Of Two Postage Stamps Of Subhash Chandra Bose

Photographs of two Postage stamps that were released on Bose’s 67th Birth anniversary were also found apart from several other things that were found in the room.

Though one can think of it being a coincidence, too many co-incidences definitely directs or hints at something more than the mere normal. There have been several other speculations, evidence, and witnesses that relate Gumnami baba with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and his sudden disappearance. Maybe Gumnami Baba was Neta Ji, or maybe he was not, but Neta Ji will always be a prominent man in history who has fought bravely for the nation.

gumnami baba

Information source: india times, TOI, and First Post.

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