Green Spaces and Outdoor Amenities Are The New Luxury Elements of City Living

green and outdoor spaces

Property consultants estimate a 45% rise in demand for luxury properties in Bengaluru, with many buyers looking to move out to the greener outskirts of the city. However, for those who choose to stay in the heart of the city center, there is no need to compromise on pleasurable green spaces and luxurious leisure amenities. In order to combat the pressures of city living, health and wellness have become a priority for many, and apartments with built-in fitness spaces, pools and spas, offer residents the luxury of being able to conveniently workout at home, as well as keeping them healthy and relaxed.

Open Air Leisure

The wellness industry is now a large component of the global property market, with its share increasing annually by 6.5%. As developers become aware of how the health and wellbeing of residents can be enhanced by their home, they are increasingly constructing luxury properties that have wellness at their core, including fitness and leisure facilities such as outdoor training areas, tennis courts, and spa pools. 57 Ocean explains that additions to apartment blocks effectively expand the living space for residents and, with more people striving for a healthy work-life balance, offer easy and convenient access to the exercise facilities and spa amenities that could be found at a luxury hotel.

Indoor Botanical Spaces

With increasing urbanization, green spaces are now becoming a luxury in many inner cities. Although Bengaluru is still recognized as one of the greenest cities in the country, rapid development has meant a decline in green cover down to just 6% of the city. In response, a new trend for incorporating indoor greenery within luxury apartments has arisen. By creating space and light for internal courtyards that contain floor to ceiling plants and small trees, architects are giving residents the luxury of a better quality of life that comes with increased contact with nature and exposure to natural sunlight.

A Rich Community

Access to these stimulating outdoor activities and relaxing green spaces fit today’s demand for more mindful luxury living. As well as sumptuous design, and opulent fixtures and fittings, buyers can also be surrounded by a rich cultural community that offers opportunities to enrich their lives, not just in material ways. Sanctuary gardens, communal relaxation rooms, and tech-free libraries are all luxurious additions to a property that can greatly improve the living experience of residents, while at the same time promoting overall wellness.

Luxurious living now goes beyond obvious material opulence and incorporates a more holistic approach to how residents interact with their surroundings. From luxury residences in the heart of global cities to stunning beachfront properties, buildings that recognize the importance of wellness, and include facilities to promote it, offer their residents the ultimate luxury of health, happiness and well being.