Bengaluru is Now The Healthiest City Of India; A Survey Says Bengalurians Are The Most Fitness-Friendly!

healthiest city of india

Bengaluru is the healthiest city in India according to a survey conducted by GOQii, a preventive healthcare company. These findings are an indication that the youngsters and the senior citizens alike are actively engaged in keeping themselves fit.

Rather it has been quite a trend in Bengaluru to maintain health and ideal weight.


More Number Of People Joining Gym

There has been an increase in the trend for joining gym membership among Bengalureans in the last few years. And the shift was especially witnessed during the last year.

According to the fitness expert/master trainer at the fitness center Cure-fit, Shwetambari Shetty, “Earlier, people in their late 30s were more fitness conscious but now, many people in their 20s and early 30s join gyms, which have also become more accessible and affordable. With many centers opening in different localities, you can opt for one close to home or work.”

Note: Burn more calories by adding ankle weights while you walk in the streets.


Shwetabari says that people in the IT city of India are now forming communities and perform group workouts to keep themselves motivated and active all day.

Nowadays, Bengalureans not only do exercise but also discuss health and fitness among themselves which is why the Karnataka capital is also the fitness capital of India.

The number of active members engaged in fitness activity has increased from 200 to 300 to 1,300 in the last two years.


Bengaluru Becoming More Involved In Physical Activities

The city has also become more involved in different physical activities including yoga, cycling, and running. According to the chairman and founder of Akshar Yoga, ”People seek treatment options when they are diagnosed with physical or mental health issues. They are open to adopting lifestyle changes too.”

The CEO of the fitness center, MultiFit, Samir Kapoor said that people choose the routine that suits them rather than trying something generic. Even though on the health scenario front, Bengaluru poses a rosy picture, there are concerns about the city having a high-stress index.  

However, the “India Fit Report 2019” has flagged this concern. According to experts, the stress is majorly due to the rise in temperature, traffic congestion, and work pressures.


The director IFAA India Fitness Academy, Kez Klein said, “The way people drive here shows how stressed they are. But this is the case in almost every Indian city. Stress is the biggest concerning factor when it comes to health.”

According to Kez, Mumbai and Bengaluru are the two cities where people are more conscious about what to eat. And that is why more options supporting healthy eating habits are coming up in these cities. People in major metro cities are now shifting to eating healthy foods such as millets and ensuring that they eat healthy food and get enough sleep.

Bengalureans Are Most Rested

The study also says that the residents of Bengaluru are most rested as on an average they get a sleep of 6 hours and 56 minutes which is more as compared to other cities.

Apart from an increase in self-awareness regarding health, the corporate firms encouraging regular medical check-ups also ensures that the employees are taking their health seriously.


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