Gopal Sharma Who Opened Fire On Anti-CAA Protesters Claims He Did It To Avenge His Friend’s Killing

A man with a gun at Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi opened fire during the ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The intolerable event injured a person which caused panic amongst everyone. He has now been taken into police custody. Later the man was identified as one Ram Bhagat Gopal Sharma, who is a citizen of Jewar in the Greater Noida area of Uttar Pradesh.

Jamia assailant

The Jamia protesters were marching to Rajghat on the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination when Gopal with a gun opened fire at the protest injuring one person.


source: twitter

The injured person is identified as Shadab Farooq, he suffered a hand injury; a friend of his who was witness to the incident said police standing behind barricades did nothing as he shouted for help.

source: twitter

After this incident, Delhi Police traced the shooter and detaining him while the injured protestor was taken to a hospital.

Facebook catches Jamia shooter

Interestingly, the assailant had made a live video on his Facebook account and had captioned it “Shaheen Bagh, Khel khatam,”. In the video, he can be seen walking around the area of the protest. He is wearing a black sleeveless bomber jacket.


Ram Bhagat Gopal Sharma was heard shouting “Yeh lo azaadi (here’s your freedom)”. 

Ram Bhagat Gopal’s posts show he craved an act of revenge for the death of Chandan, aka Abhishek Gupta, who was killed on Republic Day in 2018 in a communal clash in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh.

source: indiatoday

His previous posts also seemed to indicate that he had come prepared for the outcomes of his action. “On my last journey, take me wrapped in saffron and shout slogans of Jai Shri Ram,” read one of his posts.


source: nationalherald

“There is no place on Facebook for those who commit this kind of violence. We have removed the gunman’s Facebook account and are removing any content that praises supports or represents the gunman or the shooting as soon as we identify it,” said a Facebook company spokesperson.