Trump Jr Calls For ‘Total War’, Campaigner Threatens To Shoot Biden Supporters

Donald Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr has lashed out at Republican party members for, he says, failing to take “action” as his father’s chances of getting re-elected continue to fade.

In a tweet, which the platform quickly flagged for misinformation, Donald Jr called for “total war” over the election results.


“The best thing for America’s future is for @realDonaldTrump to go to total war over this election to expose all of the fraud, cheating, dead/no longer in state voters, that has been going on for far too long. It’s time to clean up this mess & stop looking like a banana republic!” he wrote on Twitter.

Also today, Vernon Jones, an outspoken Pro-Trump democrat from Georgia, was filmed next to Don Jr threatening to shoot Biden supporters.

In the footage, the top Trump campaign surrogate tells a crowd: “”We’re starting now to see the white in their eyes and we’re getting ready to start shooting.” Next to him, Don Jr smiled. President Trump spoke from the White House today, in a speech marred by misinformation and baseless accusations.


“If you count the legal votes, I easily win,” Trump said.

“If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us,” he added.

“If you count the votes that came in late, we’re looking into them very strongly. A lot of them have come in late.” Illegal votes are not being counted, because they do not exist.


“We were winning in all the key locations by a lot, actually, and then our numbers started miraculously getting whittled away, in secrecy,” Trump added, describing how vote counting works. Numerous TV networks gave up on the President’s speech after a few minutes of uncorroborated lies.

“What a sad night for the United States of America to hear their President say that,” CNN host Jake Tapper said after the press conference.

“To falsely accuse people of trying to steal the election, to try to attack democracy that way with his feast of falsehoods. Lie after lie after lie.”


Source: NZ Herald