10 Unconventional Weekend Getaways from Bengaluru You Should Definitely Explore Once

weekend getaways from bengaluru

As the holiday season brings us closer to 2019, what could be a better way to enjoy the last weekend of the year than to take a trip? With ticket prices for Goa higher than ever, and with most of the well-known places filled with enthusiasts, it must certainly become difficult to plan a fun-filled trip. Worry not, people, here bring to you a few unconventional weekend getaways from Bengaluru, on today’s read.

Bheemeshwari getaways

Want to spend some time in a calm and serene environment? Escape into the woods at the Bheemeshwari forest camp! The Bheemeshwari forest camp offers great scenic beauty and tranquility at once. If you are a nature lover, you would love to indulge in nature walks and spend time exploring and sightseeing in the forest. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can always go for trekking or participate in adventure activities.

Distance from Bengaluru: 105.4 km

weekend getaways from bengaluru


Narayanagiri is an idyllic hill fort that is perfect for a weekend getaway offering something to everyone. Situated deep in the countryside near Ramanagaram, Narayangiri soars to a height of around 3845 ft. The entire Narayanagiri hill is fortified and one can see the remains of a fort wall almost encircling the top of the hill completely.

At the summit of the hill is the Laxmi-Narayana temple, with an exterior of shiny black granite. The temple is open only on Saturdays and is accessible via an irregular footpath in the lower parts and rough steps were hewn on the stone rock face in the upper reaches.

Distance from Bengaluru: 60km

weekend getaways from bengaluru


If you have taken an unplanned break for some family time, drive to Gudibanda — a perfect name among the best offbeat places near Bengaluru. The 400 years old Gudibanda fort built by Byre Gowdas, is an ideal destination for a perfect day out.

Distance from Bengaluru: 91.6 km

weekend getaways from bengaluru


For the adventurists people, Kunti Betta is impeccable. Being a hillock range overseeing the Pandavapura settlement, this place is famous for trekking and rock climbing. Precisely, Kunti Betta is among the few offbeat places around of Bengaluru that offer options for night trekking.

Distance from Bengaluru: 123.5 km

Places For Trekking Near Bengaluru


Good news for nature lovers! Doddamakali is a place surrounded by charming landscapes and is a perfect site for nature camping. Also called “bird’s paradise”, this offbeat place around Bengaluru is located near river Cauvery. Tranquil and rugged topography has made it one of the most preferred names in the list of famous offbeat places around Bengaluru.

Distance from Bengaluru: 106.2 km

weekend getaways from bengaluru


Rocky boulders, dense deciduous forests and serene backwaters sum up the backdrop of Manchinbele Dam. Another name among the best offbeat places near Bengaluru, this dam is situated at the foothills of Savandurga. It is an ideal destination for a long weekend drive from Bengaluru.

Distance from Bengaluru: 39.2 km

weekend getaways from bengaluru

Madhugiri Hill

At a distance of 104 km from Bengaluru is another place waiting to be explored – the Madhugiri Hill. It is the second largest rock monolith in Asia. The steep peak calls out to experienced trekkers and the brave-at-heart, with all its might!

The steep incline is tough but definitely possible with some effort. You can also explore the Madhugiri Fort built by Tipu Sultan for your weekend dose of history.

weekend getaways from bengaluru


Lush greenery, calm waters, adventure activities and all this at just a stone’s throw from Bengaluru! Makalidurga is located at a distance of 55 km from the city and is an ideal weekend getaway. The calm and serene surroundings of the place are sure to relax you and let you appreciate the beauty of nature.

The place is also popular among trekkers and you can trek to the Makalidurga Fort, located atop the hill. The place has a few resorts as well for you to unwind and relax.

weekend getaways from bengaluru

Panchapalli Lake

Located around 85 km from Bengaluru, Panchapalli is a silent and calm place to visit. Away from the over-crowded destinations, if visited at the right time, the dam looks beautiful with lots of water. During certain periods, the water gets dried up but the site still looks beautiful and can be a treat for photographers!

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weekend getaways from bengaluru

Daroji Bear Sanctuary

A long-distance getaway – the bear sanctuary is located in Bellary district, around 340 km from Bengaluru. It was created to preserve the Indian sloth bears. The sanctuary is very close to a popular tourist destination Hampi. The best time to visit the sanctuary is late afternoon when bears come out for feeding.

If you are lucky enough you can spot female bears with their cubs on the back! It is estimated that over 150 sloth bears live here. You can also spot some amazing species of birds here. The sanctuary is a delight for those who love wildlife and bird photography. The place is commonly known as Karadi Dhama.

weekend getaways from bengaluru

Don’t wait up, people! Get planning and have a great weekend! If you know any such weekend getaways from Bengaluru, tell us in the comments below.

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