Best Trekking Trails In Kodaikanal

source: treebo

Kodaikanal, often regarded as the Queen of the Hills, is one of the many nature’s paradises in Tamil Nadu. But what puts Kodaikanal at the top of this paradise list is its robust grandeur and affinity to enchant its visitors. With its sky-touching mountaintops and dense forests, Kodaikanal is a perfect place for you to visit for a getaway.

The best way to reach here would be booking a cab from Madurai to Kodaikanal with reasonable fares, and get going! The commute to Kodaikanal is enthralling in itself, as you will get to experience the scenic beauty of the mountains around, and it will make you understand why the place is called the Queen of the Hills. Kodaikanal is often visited by the youth and people looking to go on an adventure. You must be wondering what exactly to do once you reach here. Well, let’s start our journey to find out the best trekking trails in Kodaikanal!


1. Pine Forest Trek

This is one of the easier trekking trails in Kodaikanal. This trek will take you through the enchanting pine forest of Kodaikanal. Well maintained, lush green, and tremendously photogenic, this trekking trail is the perfect fit for your itinerary if you want some amazing pictures to take away from this trip.

2. Dolphin’s Nose

The most opted for and popular trails in Kodaikanal, this is a medium level trek that will take you through the Pambar Bridge and through a very visible trail. This is the best trekking trail for either beginners or if you have some elders with you. Once reaching the mountaintop, you will see a flat rock that is shaped like a Dolphin’s nose, hence the name. There are many amazing viewpoints in this trekking trail, the most famous of which is the Echo Point.

3. Pillar Rock

Now we delve into the hard category of trekking trails. If you want to sweat out and conquer one of the hardest trekking trails in Kodaikanal, Pillar Rock trek is the best option for you. The trek starts a little bit rough, as it takes you through the boulders that are almost vertically aligned and pillar-shaped. This trek will take a minimum of 4 hours to reach the top, so you should start with it early. Taking a guide with you will be helpful, as they can navigate you around to some truly hidden gems in the trail like Guna Caves, which were formed from the crevasse of the Pillar rocks, and are almost 3000 feet deep.


4. Vattakanal Trek

This is perhaps one of the most scenic trekking trails you are going to find in the entire South. This trek is a moderate level and takes you through a path that will include dense forests, waterfalls, and much more (Don’t want to spoil the surprise for you do we?). Looking around, you can see the Western Ghats encompassing everything around, with a blanket of cloud covering up the mountains to give you a scenic view that will take your breath away. The trek runs for about 3 hours one way and should be started off in the early morning to experience the true beauty of Kodaikanal.

5. Bear Shola Trek

This is a trek that is enjoyable to its fullest during monsoons. A fairly easy trekking trail will lead you to the Bear Shola Falls, which is in its full flow during the monsoons. The trek will take you on a 1 km long uphill trail, and you will find rich biodiversity around you along with random streams of water that make the trail even more heavenly.

Now that you know the best trekking trails in Kodaikanal, you can satiate your thirst for adventure and witnessing the beauty of Kodaikanal. Always book hassle-free and reliable cabs in Madurai for the best possible experience.