Get Over The The Angry Side! No One Can Beat Dravid’s Sense Of Humor Too

rahul dravid savage

Ever since the Cred Ad dropped on social media, there has been only one name that’s roaming around. Rahul Dravid let go of his serious image and entertained all of us with his cute angry side. Well, if that is not enough, here is another side that we have recently come across. The ‘Wall’ is a funny man and here are a few instances which prove that.

The Sexiest Sportsman of India

This happened during a casual interview on ‘Breakfast with Champions’ alongside Gaurav Kapoor. GK, while talking about Dravid’s cricketing achievements asked if once being called the ‘sexiest sportsman of India’ was also one of his greatest achievements. To this, Dravid wittily replied, “Really? Was I? There must have been no competition“.


Rahul Dravid

Competition with Javagal Srinath

Not on the cricketing field, though. In the same show, Rahul Dravid said, “I was a bit disappointed when Harbhajan said I was the worst dressed people in the Indian Team. Which, I honestly don’t mind. But I was like, I have not even beaten Javagal Srinath?

The Dada Abs show

We all remember what happened after that famous win in the Natwest Series. Here is Dravid’s version of the happenings. He said, “Dada took off his shirt in the Lord’s and I was like ‘ye kya kar raha hai?’. In fact, even Bhajji wanted to do it but I stopped him. Though I think Bhajji’s body might have been in better shape than Ganguly’s

Another one about the Natwest Series

The legend said,” Natwest final mein mene 5 run banaye the. But I was acting like Yuvraj-Kaif ki partnership mein meri contribution hai. Jaise main hi bana raha hun run. I was so involved


The Lone T20I

We all know Rahul just played one T20 for India. In that game, he smacked English spinner Samit Patel for three sixes. About it, Dravid said, “Yes and I was so thankful to him, I named my son after him. No, no my son was named before that.

Rahul Dravid

The banter at the end of his career

When told that his image was clean, even on social media, Rahul Dravid said,” I think later on in my IPL career, I was like I am not having any of this. I am giving it back now.

The slip-cordon convo with VVS Laxman

Displaying both his humility and sense of humour, on asked what he does between balls at the slip-cordon, Dravid said, ” We were constructing houses at the same time. So, we’d discuss plumbing and what switches to use.


source: theindianexpress

The book about seagulls

When he was reading a book about seagulls, RD revealed, “But some of my teammates would say ‘ye chidiya kya sikhaane wale humein?”  

On batting with Viru

Rahul said: “Viru would see others batting and go ‘4 marna tha, that was an easy six’. So, when you were batting with him, you would say ‘Boss!‘”