In the 90’s We Were The OG’s: This New Cred Ad With Javagal Srinath And Venkatesh Prasad is Lit

A couple of weeks ago, Cred had released an advertisement featuring Rahul Dravid in an angry avatar. In no time, the commercial went viral, in fact even overshadowing the IPL season opener between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians.

Now, the credit card bill payment application is out with another ad. This time, too, former Indian cricketers are the lead actors. The latest commercial is also making noise at the moment.


Cred Adopting An Unique Marketing Strategy

While most other companies are adopting a marketing strategy of utilizing this generation’s cricketers and actors, Cred is deviating by casting the popular figures of the ’90s. The concept and themes are also dating back to the previous era. This is helping them garner attention to their service.

Meet The ‘Venkaboys’

The advertisement features Venkatesh Prasad, Javagal Srinath, Maninder Singh and Saba Karim as part of a Boy Band. At the start, just like the Rahul Dravid ad, Jim Sarbh establishes the USP. He says that earning cashback and rewards on Cred is as rewarding as watching ex-cricketers as part of a Boy Band. And, instantly, the scene shifts to ‘amidst the clouds’ where the former cricketers break into a performance.

All the cricketers featuring in this advertisement were known to be silent and definitely not the characters who could have been a part of a band. Hence, as soon as we see them in this avatar, the entertainment value rises instantly. Venkatesh Prasad, who has recently become active on Twitter, also gave a name to the band – The Venkaboys.


A Refreshing Commercial

The commercial surely offers something different from the usual clips. It is very refreshing to see some of the underrated performers deservedly take the limelight. Like the Rahul Dravid ad, this commercial too features a catch point that’s very interesting.