From Mysuru Mango To Varanasi’s Bhang, These Indian Maals Are World’s Favorite

weed places in india

Many of us might not be aware that Cannabis such as weed, hash, and bhang was pretty legal in India until 1985. But later ban was imposed by Rajiv Gandhi Government and it was categorized under potential harmful drugs. There were rumors of little conspiracy revolving around the ban that claimed that the liquor Lobbyists did not want a direct competition to alcohol.

Hemp or weed plant which is a variety of cannabis is believed to have many benefits and is less harmful and addictive to the human body than alcohol. Even Lord Shiva embraced it and it is carried out as a religious tradition by Naga Sadhus. Yet it has a bad reputation and is sometimes also known as ‘devils fruit’.

Despite the law against weed, it appears that the country, in general, is tolerant towards possessing marijuana. While peddling is definitely not allowed and punishment is serious if you are caught, there are few places in India where consuming weed is an open secret.

Kodaikanal and Vattakanal

Kodaikanal in the Tamil language means ‘gift of the forest’ and is also known as ‘Princesses of Hill Stations’. It is surrounded by the mountains and its pious beauty attracts many tourists. But there is something more to it. It is also famous for its mushrooms but not any kind of mushrooms they are ’magic mushrooms’. These mushrooms create an effect of hallucination on consuming.

If you consume these mushrooms you will forget weed. if you are visiting Kodai you must not forget to visit Vattakanal. It is 7km above Kodai town, scoring weed here is difficult but smoking up in a beautiful place with Israeli food is altogether a pleasant experience.

weed places in india

Parvati Valley

It is situated in Himachal Pradesh, you can very commonly find stoned people in all the regions of Parvati valley. Kasol and Manali are the nearby places that are famous for marijuana production. You can get the best stuff called as Malana or Malana cream from here.

weed places in india


Everyone knows that Goa is famous for its nightlife but very few know that scoring weed at Palolem beach is very easy. But if you are transiting from Goa and you are caught by state border police with alcohol or weed your life can get doomed.

weed places in india


Varanasi the city of temples is also very lenient about marijuana and bhang. Consumption of bhaang that is marijuana mixed with milk, sugar, poppy seeds, dried fruits, and nuts is ceremonial in Varanasi. It is heavily consumed during Shivratri and Holi. You will also find out people smoking up quite liberally in the city in the name of religion.

weed places in india


Magic Lassi! Yes, that is what it is called here and is almost found in all the menu cards in local restaurants. It is nothing else but bhang. You will be surprised to know that getting marijuana here is far easier than getting alcohol.

weed places in india

Mysore Mango, Karnataka

You can find the best weed here that is clean green and seedless moreover it gives the aroma of the king’s fruit.

weed places in india

Idduki Gold, Kerala

The weed here is known as Kerala Gold and the stuff here is considered second best only to the cream of Manala. To score weed here you will have to go to shacks and use the Malayali term for weed.

weed places in india

Shillong Mango, Meghalaya

Here you can find the cleanest weed in India and smoking in the scenic beauty of Shillong is just out of the world experience.

weed places in india

Manipur Stuff

A 30 g of clean though not professionally grown, Manipur weed comes at a cost of Rs.600. It is said that over 2000 kilos of stuff will move out of this place every day.

weed places in india
Smoking weed is one’s personal choice, but because it is illegal in most parts of India there are legal consequences associated with it. If you are caught smoking or peddling marijuana you can face a fine of Rs 10000 and punishment of 6 months or more so beware before you try anything.



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