From 3rd Place To 11th Place: 10 Things Karnataka Did Right in Combating COVID-19

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Karnataka was one of the first states to report cases of the novel coronavirus in the country. By the second week of the outbreak, the state stood at 3rd place in terms of positive cases behind Kerala and Maharashtra. In the 5th week, Karnataka has slipped to 11th position despite the Tablighi outbreak.

Here are the 10 things Karnataka did right to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.


One of the first states to lockdown

On March 22nd, Karnataka announced the lockdown of nine districts that had reported cases but the following day, on March 23rd, entire state was locked down. The lockdown was announced a day prior to the nationwide lockdown announced by the Prime Minister.

Sealing districts

With lockdown, the state suspended all modes of transports – buses, trains, and even private vehicles and thereby restricting the movements between districts.

Telegram Channel for Providing Information

In an innovative move, the Karnataka government set up a telegram channel to reach out to the public. The telegram channel headed by authorities and volunteers provides immediate response to a query by a citizen.


Quarantine Watch App

Karnataka was the first state to launch an application called Quarantine watch. With the app, using the zip code, a citizen is able to know the number of quarantined people around his/her locality. This alerted the citizens of roaming freely on the streets.

Karnataka Coronavirus
Courtesy: The Hindu

Online training for doctors

Karnataka government also launched India’s first online training program for doctors apart from developing COVID-19 treatment protocols for doctors.

Scaling up testing

Karnataka has reportedly the maximum number of testing laboratories in the country i.e 5 in the state. Two of them are in Bengaluru alone. 31 fever clinics are being set up across Bengaluru that has a screening aim of 25,000 people in 10 days.


War Rooms used for Surveillance

The Municipal body, BBMP has set up war rooms that use technology to conduct surveillance on people within 8km radius of a confirmed patient to contain the spread of the virus.

Hotels & Residential Schools used as Quarantine Centers

Karnataka government has acquired non-airconditioned rooms in certain hospitals and some of the residential schools to quarantine people.

Passing order against discrimination

Following the discrimination against north-eastern people and doctors, the government passed an order to punish anyone discriminating and those landlords who are forcing their tenants to vacate.


Combating Misinformation

The Karnataka Epidemic Diseases, COVID-19 regulations, 2020, notified by the government on the 11th of March prohibits any person or organization from spreading misinformation through print or electronic media. A violation of this has been made a punishable offense.