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“First, you disrespect Appu and later blame his fans”: Yuva Rajkumar’s ‘Hard-Hitting’ reality

After Kannada actor Darshan reacted to the slipper incident, actor Yuva Rajkumar shares a hard-hitting reality about the ongoing skirmish. 

‘Hard-Hitting’ reality

A miscreant, who was allegedly a Puneeth Rajkumar fan, threw the slipper at Darshan while the actor addressed his fans in Hospet. Although the actual reason for the alleged fan’s outrage is still unknown, Darshan has reacted to the incident has thanked people who have shown their support.


Now, Raghavendra Rajkumar’s son, Yuva Rajkumar, has shared a hard-hitting reality on Twitter. He has openly discussed the ongoing debate.

“I am very young to speak about the situations going on currently. But, I am very proud to tell this that my family has always been supportive of each and every Kannada actor to date. They’re always with them and show respect as well. Talking about the fans, whoever shows respect & love to their celebrities they’re true fans.

Puneeth is a role model

“Talking about Appu Chikkappa (Puneeth Rajkumar), he’s well known for his works, the way he respects women, and so on. He’s a role model for all. Talking bad about him, creating mess, and saying his fans are the reason for all the fights and mess going on here is not correct.”


“Whatever the issues have been created it’s not fair and it’s not fair to blame others for whatever happened so far. The police investigation is going on. Whoever is the wrongdoer will be punished.”

“Invisible forces may try to undermine our beliefs, but we should make visible choices”

“And Appu’s support is always toward truth and nothing else.” -From – Yuva Rajkumar


Darshan often grabs headlines for his controversial statements. In a recent interview with an entertainment portal, the actor said, “Goddess of Luck doesn’t knock on the door always. When she knocks, grab her, drag her into your bedroom and strip her naked. If you give her clothes, she will go out.”