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“Public schools should be saved; last warning to the Govt”: Kranti’s powerful message steer fans

Actor Darshan’s Kranti has taken a magnificent start at the box office. The message in the film (About saving the government schools) has stirred the fans to take action against the people who demolish government schools in Karnataka and make jobs difficult for middle-class families. D Boss fans have now demanded action against such people.

Kranti brings a powerful message

Darshan Thoogudeepa’s Kranti talks about how important education is for the growth of underprivileged kids and turns against the goons who want to ruin the government school building and construct a private school. The movie talks about an NRI named Kranti Rayappa, who returns from Europe to find his native place in chaos. The movie met with a positive response from fans and critics alike.


The message in the movie was so strong that D Boss fans now demand the government authorities to watch Kranti and do something about the demolition drive against government schools in Karnataka.

D Boss fans demand action

“There are thousands of such schools that are being demolished. Have you imagined what will happen to these underprivileged kids? Where will they go? What will be their future? Just take an account of government schools and Private schools in our state. If you have the guts, try to demolish these private schools, nobody dares. If we have the courage to raise these questions only then will our country. D Boss is today’s Sangolli Rayanna,” a fan says demanding the government to do something about these government schools for the sake of middle-class and lower-class people.

“I have this one demand from our D Boss fans. You come to see your God Darshan, let’s install a ‘Hundi’ and donate money for the welfare of these underprivileged kids. I ask all filmmakers and upcoming directors of Darshan movies to install these donation boxes outside theaters. By at least donating Rs 10 per person it will help in some way or the other. As said in the film, ‘the government will do nothing’, so it’s our duty now,” said another fan.