Fans Are Requesting KGF 2 Team to Control Prakash Raj, Here Is Why

The Kashmir Files is becoming a major hit at the box office with the numbers increasing rapidly. The film, however, is leaving the internet divided as some people are criticizing that the movie does not showcase the complete truth. Actor turned politician Prakash Raj, who has always been verbal about his political view has taken to Twitter to express his feelings about the film.

Prakash Raj’s dig at The Kashmir Files

Prakash Raj, who is always known for his controversial statements, took a dig at The Kashmir Files and called out the people who have been admiring the movie. As always, the 56-year-old has taken an anti-BJP stand and has questioned if the ruling party will twist more historical blunders and make bogus films on the same.


He shared a video where a man can be seen spreading hate against Muslims as the film ends in the theater. “#kashmirifiles this propaganda film … is it healing wounds or sowing seeds of hatred and inflicting wounds #Justasking”, the caption of Prakash’s Tweet read.

Propaganda film

Later, the actor turned politician, also went on to share a few other incidents from history including Godhra and Delhi riots, amongst others, and wrote, “Dear supreme Actor turned Producer.. will you arm-twist these files too .. and release them #justasking”.

With all his tweets about ‘The Kashmir Files’, KGF 2 fans are now worried that Prakash Raj may bring some outrage against the Yash starrer film.


“KGF 2 team should control Prakash Raj at least till the film’s release. He is hurting the feelings of the audience. His hate comments on patriotic drama and Kashmir Files might build negativity on KGF 2 as he is playing a key role in the film. Irking the Hindi audience is the last thing KGF 2 doesn’t want right now,” an ardent fan of KGF 2 said.

Yash starrer KGF Chapter 2 is scheduled for theatrical release on the 14th of April. The makers are yet to commence the worldwide promotional campaign. Now, Prakash Raj, who plays an important role in KGF seems to be hitting the wrong chords.

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