9 Interesting Facts about Ravi Belagere, a Celebrity Journalist of ‘Hi Bangalore’

Facts about Ravi Belagere

Ravi Belagere, a name that changed the face of Journalism in Karnataka can merely be criticised and defamed but certainly cannot be ignored. The journey of Mr. Belagere is no less than a crime movie or a thriller plot because the facets of life he went through cannot be confined to certain perspectives. The journalist who explored all the available means to make his tabloid, Hi Bengaluru, what it is today and the popularity he enjoyed gave him a vinegary taste along with the candy-coated success. In line with his 60th Birthday and the past controversies, here we are with a few facts about Ravi Belagere in today’s read.

Interesting Facts about Ravi Belagere

Ravi Belagere is a native of Bellary in North Karnataka

Ravi Belagere comes from a lower middle-class family and spends his childhood in poverty. Academically, he was not a bright student but his interest towards Art and Literature draws him towards Journalism. He completes his M.A in History and comes to Bengaluru in search of a better livelihood. Thereafter, Mr.Belagere makes his own way to become the most powerful Journalist in the state.


Started his Career as a Sub-Editor before starting Hi Bengaluru

Ravi Belagere starts his career as a Sub-Editor in a popular daily of that time. It was not a happy time for him as he used to travel between Bengaluru and Hubballi. The struggle was so hard that he fails to meet his daily needs which eventually forced him to start something out of the box and he called it as ‘Hi Bengaluru.’

Facts about Ravi Belagere

Hi Bengaluru gained an Instant Popularity

‘Hi Bengaluru’ was started in 1995 and published by Belagere’s office in Padmanabha Nagar. It was a piece of journalism that covered everything from politics, movie land, underworld, gossips, crime, to sports, literature, and music.

It was a tabloid known for its fierce and controversial content. Belagere used the medium so effectively that it gave him an instant popularity. ‘Hi Bengaluru’ became a medium for exclusive stories about Bengaluru underworld and inside stories from politics and Gandhi Nagar which eventually helped Belagere to sell the copies like hot cakes.


Belagere didn’t restrict himself to Journalism

If Ravi Belagere had restricted himself to journalism then he may not have enjoyed such a huge popularity. Most people associate with Belagere’s literature which got him a huge fan base across the country. He has authored more than 80 books and few of the best sellers are Mandovi, Maatagaathi, Himalayan Blunder, Paapigala Lokadalli, Golibar, Company of Women, Timepass and D company.

Ravi Belagere

Ravi Belagere’s association with Television

Apart from Hi Bengaluru and literary works, Mr. Belagere has also tried his hands on television and silver screen. Crime Diary which used to air in the voice of Ravi Belagere gained such a humongous popularity that it gave him a lot of accolades, both in terms of money and fame. He also continued to host several literature festivals and then moved on to head a private television channel but quit soon.

Facts about Ravi Belagere

Ravi Belagere owns a property worth Rs.250 Crore

Belagere has never fallen flat to put forth the details about his income. Once a year, he writes in his tabloid to disclose all the details about his assets. It is said that he owns a property worth Rs.250 crore which includes a couple of flats, acres of land, estates, and farmhouses. He also pays a tax of Rs.60 lakh per year.


Other Side of Ravi Belagere

Belagere on his own interest runs a Prarthana School (Prarthana Education Society) in Bengaluru which is known for not accepting donations from parents/students. He also opened Belagere Coffee House (BBC) at Gandhi Bazaar which is quite a popular book cafe in the city.

Ravi Belagere

Mr. Belagere is an Award-Winning Writer

Despite his controversies, Ravi Belagere has got a huge fan base for his books and literary works. The Journalist was honored with Karnataka Sahithya Academy Award, Shiv Ram Karanth Award, Lifetime achievement award from Karnataka Government, Kempe Gowda Award, Rajyotsava Award, and more.

Belagere and Critics

Ravi Belagere is also known for his connections with the Underworld Mafias. It is said that he maintains a close relationship with politicians. Also, his involvement in blackmail journalism was widely reported in all the media channels. Mr. Belagere was criticized for his defamatory articles on politicians and the hot juicy gossips on the personal life of movie stars in his tabloid, Hi Bengaluru.


Facts about Ravi Belagere

So, these were a few finger-counting facts about Ravi Belagere. If you have anything to share on this topic then please contribute your words in the comments below.

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