In A Dramatic Turn Of Event, Ravi Belagere Makes A Surprise Return To BB House

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In a major turn of event, the stardom of Kannada journalism, Ravi Belagere has re-entered the house of Big Boss season 7, after his sudden exit. Call it to confusticate or bewildering, the writer has decided to continue with the show despite reporting of ill health.

Ravi Belagere makes a surprise return

Big Boss season 7 has just kick-started on 13 October and the popular writer and Journalist Ravi Belagere had decided to quit the show before it got began. However, marking as a major turn of event, Ravi Belagere has decided to come back to the Big Boss house.


Previously, the senior Journalist and writer Ravi Belagere have decided to quit the show due to poor health conditions. He decided to walk out of the Big Boss house seeking permission from the respected channel airing the show. His daughter Bhavana Belegere had informed that the journalist had a low sugar level which was the cause for his ill health. “He left the house due to low blood sugar levels. The doctor, who treated him inside the house, asked him to take rest,” his daughter Bhavana Belegere said.

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The journalist is all well

Now, a fresh report said that Ravi Belagere was looking fine and he was seen in his house in Padmanabha Nagara after he left the show. His second daughter Chethana Belanger has informed that his health observed a dramatic improvement and he would wish to continue in the reality show any time soon.

The channel is trying hard to bring the journalist back to the show, as they both (Ravi Belanger and Colors) want a win-win situation. Fans have a lot of expectations with season 7 and they are keen to witness lots of surprises in the show. After the program kick-started, the 61-year old’s video, where he is requesting Bigg Boss for cigarettes went viral on social media and is creating a huge buzz on social media.