Essential Products For Baby’s 1st Year

source: thebump

Buying essential products for your baby’s 1st year could be both confusing and difficult especially if it is your first baby. You need to understand the difference between must-haves and must-avoid products to save some extra bucks.

But don’t worry, we’re here to ease your process of finding essential products for baby’s 1st year. Read on to know more about which products you must buy and which you should avoid.


Infant Walker: Infant walkers are one of the most essential products as they not only help you keep your baby entertained but can also help you teach them to walk. It is perfect for 4 months plus old babies. However, make sure you are there with your baby as it can also cause dangerous accidents.

Infant Pacifiers: A pacifier not only keeps your child entertained but can be your child’s best friend. It helps you decrease the likelihood of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). You can give a pacifier to your baby after he is 2 or 3 months old.

Co-Sleeper: A co-sleeper can help you keep your baby in your room without compromising on your bed area. Moreover, you can use it until your baby passes the toddler age. Hence, it is a complete value of money. Additionally, it is small enough for you to pack it up while you travel to other places. This is really helpful if you commute every day.


Foldable Changing Pad: You need to have an alternate of a diaper bag. These foldable changing pads are perfect for traveling and in cases when the diapers are over. The foldable changing pad has pockets for diapers and wipes storage so you can store extra diapers and other essentials in case of emergencies.

Sippy Cups: These cups are very essential as they help you train your babies into using cups for drinking and eating. Moreover, just like a co-sleeper and foldable changing pad, these sippy cups can be your child’s best friend while you’re traveling.

Boppy: Infants are very sensitive. Not only their skin is sensitive but their whole body is sensitive. A good boppy can help you keep your child strain-free and in an ergonomically correct position until your baby learns how to handle himself. Moreover, it can protect your baby’s head from hard surfaces.


Baby Carrier: If you’re not comfortable with infant walker or if you think they occupy too much space on your travel bag, then the baby carrier is just for you. All you have to do is strap the baby carrier around your body and put your baby in it. This way you can ensure that your baby is always attached to you and is safe.

Miracle Blanket: If you think your baby struggles while sleeping, then this super-soft miracle blanket is a must-have. Not only it helps your baby sleep peacefully but it also helps with breastfeeding and prevents your baby from scratching his face.

Vibrating Seat: This is not a must-have product but a good-to-have product for your baby’s 1st year. It offers soft and cuddly support to your baby and contains head support and an extra pillow to make sure your baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable and remains safe all the time.


Comfortable Glider: This is more for you and less for your baby. This comfortable chair helps you sit comfortably while you breastfeed your baby. And a glider that swivels will help you move around and soothe your baby to sleep. Therefore, it is important to buy a good high-quality glider.

Socks and Shoes: As mentioned above, a baby’s skin are too sensitive and if not taken care of, they can catch a cold easily and quickly which will then affect the baby’s health in the long-term. Therefore, it is important to cover your baby’s feet with socks and shoes.

Baby Bath Tub: In order to make your baby’s bathing process easier and smoother you will need a baby bathtub. However, make sure you hold your baby while he is in the tub. Also, don’t forget to buy special infant shampoo and soaps to make sure it suits your baby’s soft skin.



The above-mentioned products are the must-haves for every baby below 1 year. Anything apart from these products is optional. So, if you find yourself in the dilemma of buying other products, please go ahead.