Donating For Construction Or Praying At Ayodhya Masjid Is ‘Haraam’: Owaisi


Hours after AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi called Ayodhya mosque “haraam” (un-Islamic), secretary of the Ayodhya Mosque Trust, Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation (IICF), Athar Hussain said his remarks were part of his political agenda.

Speaking at an event in Bidar on Tuesday, Owaisi had said the Ayodhya mosque was against Islamic tenets and said people should not donate for its construction or offer prayers.


Speaking to TOI, Athar Hussain said no piece of land on this earth can be ‘haraam’, where namaz (prayer) is offered to Almighty Allah.


Owaisi’s ancestors never took part in the 1857 revolt

The Hyderabad MP comes from a region which has not borne the struggle or felt the trauma of the first war of independence, the secretary of the Ayodhya Mosque Trust told TOI.

He further said that it’s possible that his ancestors never took part in the 1857 revolt against the British.


Calling Awadh a melting pot of revolution, Hussain said that the IICF centre in Ayodhya is dedicated to Ahmadullah Shah, who liberated Faizabad from the British for at least a year.

Is commemorating the martyrdom of Ahmadullah Shah by naming the centre after him, ‘haraam’ too, he asked Owaisi.

‘Ayodhya mosque was against Islamic tenets’

Owaisi said he was speaking after taking opinions from religious scholars and claimed that even ulemas from All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) said that it should not be called a masjid and prayers cannot be performed there.


Responding to this, Hussain said, “I don’t think our charity hospital, which will heal and serve hundreds of sick and infirm free of cost will be haraam.”

He further said that feeding the hungry is part of their religion adding that their community kitchen would feed 2,000 people every day.

Meanwhile, the process for starting the construction of a mosque in the Dhannipur village in Ayodhya began on Republic Day. The mosque will be bigger than the Babri mosque.


Source: Times Now