Republic Day Parade: UP Tableau Displays Ayodhya’s Ram Temple Model

Uttar Pradesh’s tableau displayed the state’s cultural city of Ayodhya and the Ram temple, which is under construction.

In the first part of the tableau, Maharishi Valmiki has been shown composing the Ramayana. In the middle part of the tableau, Shri Ram Mandir, the epitome of Ayodhya’s cultural identity associated with mass sentiments and devotion, was featured.


The mural showed embracing of Nishadraj and eating of Shabri’s berry by Lord Ram, salvation of Ahilya, Kewat Samvad, Lord Hanuman bringing Sanjivani Buti, Jatayu-Ram Samvad, Ashok Vatika and other scenes from Ramyana.

The forepart of the middle tableau showed Deepotsava of Ayodhya, in which millions of earthen lamps are lit. On August 5, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the bhoomi pujan for the construction of Ram Temple.

On January 26, 1950, the newly formed nation of India adopted its Constitution. Several decades earlier, this had also been the day India took an active step forward in the fight against British rule. On January 26, 1929, the Indian National Congress had made the Declaration of Indian Independence (Purna Swaraj).


This year, India is celebrating its 72nd Republic Day amid a slew of restrictions thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only a few thousand people will be allowed to watch the parade live, and no standing spectators are allowed. It it not only the national capital – amid continuing fear of COVID-19, celebrations across the country are also likely to be somewhat subdued. As such, many are likely to turn to their television sets or computers to catch up with the festivities.

When does the Republic Day parade start?

The livestream for the Republic Day events in Delhi starts from 9 am.

Where can you watch the programme?

The parade will be broadcast in part or completely by some TV channels. Doordarshan for example will showcase the entire program. However, you do not have to remain glued to a television set to ensure that you can the program.

It will also be made available online on the Press Information Bureau and Doordarshan YouTube channels as well as the Government’s ‘Republic Day Parade 2021’ app on the Google Play Store. This app incidentally comes with details about the schedule as well as snippets of information about India’s Republic Day.
Source: Free Press Journal