Did Samantha charge Rs.5 crore for her performance in ‘Oo Antava’?

The song Oo Antava starring Samantha Prabhu and Allu Arjun from the movie Pushpa is currently the trending one. In fact, Pushpa stands as one of the most hyped films as of today and is available across many languages as well.

Reports have emerged that Samantha charged a whopping 5 crore rupees for this three-minute sensuous item song. But the reality is that she charged 1.5 crore Rupees for the song. According to the reports of IWMBUZZ, Allu Arjun personally convinced her to feature in the song after she had reservations about some steps in the song.


After him convincing, she apparently came on board and today the song is a hit. “There were many inhibitions. I was not ready as I feared how the song would turn out to be. But, Allu Arjun, sat down and convinced me. Without his encouragement, I would not have accepted to do ‘Oo Antava'”, Samantha said.

“Now that this song has become viral all over the country, I have to thank Allu Arjun”, she further added.

Pushpa: The Rise is the first part of the film which speaks about the Red Sanders industry and the underpinnings of that from the narrative of the protagonist. Produced by Mythri Movie Makers in association with Muttamsetty Media, the film was released on December 17, 2021.


Samantha has been the talk of the town post her divorce and the release of this song, apart from this the actress is working on some multilingual projects that also include one from the Hindi film industry.