Days After Akshay Kumar’s Vimal Ad, Yash Refuses Multi-Crore Deal For Paan Masala

A week after Akshay Kumar apologized for having featured in an advertisement for a paan masala brand, KGF star Yash has now refused a multi-crore deal for a paan masala brand, his agency has confirmed.

Yash rejects paan masala ad

Riding high on the success of KGF Chapter 2, Yash has rejected a multi-crore endorsement deal for a paan masala and cardamom brand. The agency that manages such deals for Yash, Exceed Entertainment, has confirmed the news.


Arjun Banerjee, the Head of Exceed Entertainment, the talent management agency that manages Yash’s endorsements said in a press statement, “Paan Masalas and such products have a hugely damaging effect on people’s health and their impact can be life-threatening. This is a truly heroic conscience call by Yash, who has rejected a deal that was very privately lucrative, in the interest of his fans and followers.”

“Given his pan India appeal, we want to use this opportunity to give the right kind of messaging to his fans and followers and invest our time and effort with brands that have a conscience, are like-minded, and want to play the long game, just like the man himself,” he added.

Vimal row

The above news comes only days after Akshay Kumar announced his disassociation with a paan masala brand after featuring in an advertisement for the brand. He had joined Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan for the promos of Vimal’s cardamom products. The brand also sells tobacco products.


After associating with the two most popular celebrities of Bollywood, Akshay faced outrage on social media. The actor then apologized to his fans and shared a note that said he’d use the endorsement fee for a worthy cause. Also, the actor promised to be “extremely mindful in making future choices”.