Darshan From Tokyo Releases Video Explaining Why Drone Prathap’s Claims Are False

When Prathap NM went live on TV a few days ago, a certain section of the viewers was particularly impressed by Darshan’s (Prathap’s classmate) way of analyzing the situation and his technical knowledge. He has recently released a video regarding the issue and provided his comments on the same.

Three Questions that are being asked

Darshan revealed that of the many questions that he is being asked, there are three questions that seem to be in common. While the first question is regarding whether Prathap NM has really done the research, the second was whether he has received a mail that was promised by Drone Prathap on live TV. The third question is regarding the credibility if ever a research was done.


Courtesy: BTv News

Darshan’s conclusion

Darshan chose to answer these questions before giving his final conclusion. To the first question, Darshan gave out a few tidbits of information that revealed his stance. He said that in the first place, an octocopter running at supersonic speed is just impossible. He then argued that to research, one needs to read a lot of papers, and it is very difficult to access them.

Regarding the second query, Darshan divulged that he is yet to receive any mail from Prathap’s side. He also said that even if he receives now, he will not accept it, as it has already been a few days since the questions were asked. He finally said that researchers are passionate about their work, and this was something that was missing in Prathap.

In conclusion, Darshan requested the citizens of the state to forgive Prathap and move on, as there are issues that need more focus at the present. He also thanked all the people who stood by his support during this time.


Source: BTv News