Coffee Baron Siddhartha’s 96-Year-Old Father Is Unaware Of Son’s Tragic Death

Karnataka today lost the greatest businessman who created almost 30,000 jobs in the country. The whole country is in deep sorrow as it lost one of the extraordinary entrepreneurs who lived his dream to the real. While the country is in grief, the 96-year-old father of Cafe Coffee Day founder VG Siddharth still does not know about his son’s death.

The son who took Chikkamagalur to the next level

India’s Coffee Baron body was found in the early morning on Wednesday. The body was recovered 5 km from a nearby bridge over River Netravati in Mangaluru. The family of Siddartha was in misery when they were informed about the recovered body by the police. However, when all this incident was taking place Siddhartha’s father Gangaiah Hegde was battling for his life in a private Hospital in Mysuru. His family also reported that he is slipping into a coma since he heard the news of his missing.


The family also stated that Siddhartha had met him 3 days back and was seen sobbing looking at his father’s condition. The old man is suffering from age-related problems and the possibility of him recovering is very less. It is said that Mr. Hegde was a wealthy coffee planter and an influential man in Chikkamagalur district.

He was a very disciplined and ‘no-nonsense’ attitude man. He had earned the respect of his people. Locals from the village reminisce how till a few years back, he used to visit the weekly markets of Chikkamagalur himself to buy groceries.

Never let his family down

“He had imbibed good qualities from his father as a child. Gangaiah Hegde taught all virtues to his son. Siddhartha always made his father proud. It is a tragedy that he can’t participate in his son’s cremation,” said Raghavendra, a long-time associate of Siddhartha. “In a way, it is good that he is not in a position to understand anything. God has saved him from the trauma,” said one of his relatives.


Despite having his father’s coffee plantations, Siddhartha wanted to do something big. He was not interested in looking after his father’s coffee estate and managed to convince his parents to have faith in his dreams. And he never let down his parents and always made them proud of him.