Chitrakoot Falls – India’s Answer To Niagara Falls Which Is A Sheer Spectacle To Behold


Chitrakote Falls is also referred to as the Niagara Falls of India and has got the distinction of being the broadest waterfalls in India. A Land of Surprises, Chhattisgarh offers you some of the best eco-tourism destinations in the country. Therefore, it has over a thousand varieties of flora and fauna to the wildlife which is not seen anywhere across the country. Indeed, it offers you a majestic experience which will make your trip unforgettable. Towards the west of Jagdalpur in the Bastar District of Chattisgarh, Indravati River takes a deep plunge from a horseshoe gorge in Chitrakoot. The majestic 95 feet drop of the river down the cliff makes this a sheer spectacle to behold.

One Of The Scintillating Waterfalls in India

Around 38 kilometers away from Jagdalpur, Chitrakoot Falls unveils a powerful vision during the monsoons when the Indravati River floods. The otherwise curving streams come together to release its power and completely cover the flat ground above the cliff. The breadth of the waterfalls varies according to the season and goes down drastically in the summers.


The most spectacular views of Chitrakote Falls can be seen during the monsoon season. Indeed, when the river flows in its full fury and touches both the banks; it is filled with silt. Not only waterfall, but Chitrakoot is also popular due to the Hindu legendary Lord Ram. 


Heaven on Earth

Right below the falls, a pond can be seen on the banks where a shrine of Lord Shiva is erected. Naturally formed grottoes or caves can be found nearby which is collectively called Parvati Caves. A person with a boat is usually found near the falls, who will take you to the bottom of the falls to witness the gushing water up close. However, it is best not to take children or elderly people too close to the falls.  Therefore, the speed of rushing water can be too much to take.


The monsoon months of July to September are the best time to visit the glorious Chitrakoot Waterfalls. Sometimes you can even witness a beautiful rainbow after a rain running across the foggy sky. Making the visit completely worth it. However, the winter months of November to January can also be a great time to visit the falls if you want an absolutely hassle-free visit. The weather is said to be very cool and pleasant during these months.




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