Magod Falls, A Group Of Waterfalls in Karnataka Which Are Truly A Hidden Gem


Magod or Magodu Falls is one of the popular tourist places which also gets many visitors during monsoon. Therefore, it is located in Uttara Kannada district, Magod Falls is in the opposite direction of Sathodi Falls. Rivers Bedti and Shalmala create this two-tier waterfall.

The beauty of Nature which is hidden from humans

The place is remote with a magnificent view of the falls. However, You will find a large lake on the way to Magod Falls known as Kavade Kere which has an area of 60 acres. Indeed, it is an ideal picnic spot with a beautiful view. The fall flows down into a rocky path from the height of 650 feet. Even here tourists can reach the bottom of the waterfalls. However, it is a little risky during the monsoon season. Hence, it is better to enjoy this falls from the viewpoints.

Magod Falls

These falls lie amidst the dense forest. It goes dry during summers and misty in monsoon. As the rainwater touches the earth, every nook and corner fill up with a new charm. Yes! It is the magical monsoon; it feels that our goddess nature is all set to shine like a bride. The rivers and lakes become lively; dried up plants and trees get rejuvenated. Rain pushes away the heat and creates a breezy ambiance.

How to go?

Magod Falls is located 80 km from Karwar and 17 km from the town of Yellapur. It is easily accessible by rail and road from the towns. It is located amidst green nature with a magnificent view. Idle time to visit the falls is from July to November. The waterfalls are 3km from the village Magod. Autos or private vehicles are the only transport from Yellapur to reach Magod Falls.

Magod Falls

While visiting the Magod Falls, one can also visit the nearby sites like Jenukallugudda (honey rock hillock) and Kavadikere (8 km from Yellapur) which is close to Yellapur and known for the natural beauty of the place.



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