Children Are Taught To Read Too Late


In the age of technology, we can see a lot of new things being invented. That is always good, as we have more chances to work on something else instead of spending a lot of time doing something that is literally useless. However, we can see that the age of technology has brought us a new problem which the humanity has never faced before, and we forget the things which are still useful because some people tend to think that it is not that important.

That is also the reason why we meet a new phenomenon which is the fact that kids are not taught how to read when they are little. That is a thing which can be observed at most of the developed countries. The reasons for that can be different, and we cannot say which one of them is the most influential. However, we can say that parents have high expectations for the technologies to teach kids is among the reasons why they go to elementary school, without the ability to read simple texts.

Some of the scientists consider that the perfect age for kids to begin learning how to read and write is the age of seven. But we can see that the older generation was taught to read younger than that. Usually, the age when our parents started learning to read was a couple of years earlier. Therefore, it is considered to be quite late to acquire the reading skills at the age older than six. However, scientists give a big amount of information about why we should start learning this new skill at an older age than our parents.

First of all, they say that the fact that we learn such skill in a young age quite often makes children start to hate reading in the older age, and also to lose any kind of an interest in studying something new. Scientists say this will cause a lot of problems in the future. However, we can surely say that not all of the kids are likely to face this problem. There are a lot of examples of kids way younger than the other kids of their generation learn to read. Moreover, quite often such children become really successful because of being practically geniuses.

Some of the kids who lose their will to learn are inactive at school as they do not consider it to be useful in any way. They start looking for a job earlier than other kids. In such cases they really need some help with their school works, so they usually start using something like a term paper service which will do all of the work for them perfectly, and they will save a lot of time which they would have had to spend studying.

From the other point of view, children need to start learning the skills of writing and reading much earlier than seven years of age. Some scientists from the Western countries identify the most appropriate age – 3-4 years old. They think that with the kids who are way better than others at studying it would be a waste of time to go to an elementary school or kindergarten as they already have all the skills needed. But with the ability to visit special schools such children are going to have an ability to get all of the material way faster, allowing them to concentrate on the more advanced things than their friends might be doing at their normal schools.

Moreover, kids who learn the reading skills earlier are most likely to read some of the texts required for the first years of school, which means that they will be the ones who are getting the best possible results on the tests and all types of knowledge checking.


The other fact that speaks for this project is that if we apply this only to a group of students who are exceptionally good at something, it will be pretty easy to get a new generation which will be much smarter than their parents. Moreover, they will be easily taken to all of the elite schools that are existing in their region, as the material which is taught in such schools will be easily understood by students who have literally started studying a couple years earlier than their peers, making it possible for them to get a lot of respect even from the older guys that they might meet throughout their learning process.

Lastly, it is impossible to finish the text without saying one of the oldest arguments that are used by many parents who have no idea how to educate their children. But they are still kids and that they should have some time to be a child, which is always great for every kid. And they still require some education even at the age of two.

To sum the things up, we can say that both of the sides have some serious arguments to be right, but generally, it is not up to somebody to decide whether the kid is going to learn how to read in a young age. The only people who can try to do something about this situation are parents, but they are usually useless if the kid really has a willing to study. Or there might be the other case, where a child does not want to study under any warnings. Well, this is a situation that is difficult to solve, but the parents have to do it anyway.




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