Challenges Faced By Indian Education System Explained in Simple Words

Indian Education System

The Indian education system has seen a great transition. The education standard has improved over the last two decades. It is presumed that Indian Education System follows a strict benchmark that churns out the best brains who are giving tough competition in the global forum.

Feeling proud! Well, there is always a flip side. Indian education system is facing some real time issues which are exacerbating the growth of the Indian economy. The problems boil down to Pareto’s Law that states 80% of the resources and avenues are in the hand of 20% of the lot. Well confused? Let me just throw some light.

Indian Education System

About Reservation System

The Management and NRI quota gives chances to the rich brats to get admitted in one of the best colleges by just paying a hefty amount which is even valid for trends like donations. Now let’s talk about the reservation system. As if belonging to a general category and that too being an average student is like the worst thing that could have ever happened to you.

Search for any competitive exam be it SBI PO, Clerical or the recent JEE Main 2018 exam. You know what’s common in them? Being a General Class with a 92 percentile might not get you to the IIMs or a Job as a probationary officer in SBI but a 45 percentile and blessings of the ancestors that gives you a stamp to belong to the reserved category will definitely land you a place in one of the IIMs or management trainee job in SBI. Well! That’s what is common.

80% Poor and Middle class suffer

Now whether it is this rich section of the society or the reserved category, how much they account for? 20% each. Yes, 20% of the population accounts to be the rich people who reap the benefits while the 80% poor and middle class suffer. Likewise, it’s the 20% of the population who are part of the reserved class who enjoys the quota system while the 80% general category suffer.

Indian Education System

Then there are issues like benchmarking. Education institution of late has started following what others do. This actually affects the long term learning and growth of the students. Exposure to a diverse culture is minimum, there is only a standard practice to score better in academics while the focus on softs skill training is minimum especially in tier 3 cities. When students appear for interviews and work in an organisation, this is the area where they face the problem. Then there are issues of disparity, compartmentalization, and glass ceiling arising from these roots.

Technological Breakthrough

Yet another challenge is the technological breakthrough. We have it yet it’s not reaching the bottom of the pyramid to get utilised to its’ full potential. Let me share one more instance. There were two candidates Arjun and Ravi. Both were really good students and wanted to do BDS from Bangalore and so thought of taking the Comedk 2018 exam. Arjun was a city boy while Ravi was from a small village with minimal exposure to the world of internet and computers reason being his demographics. He was mostly dependent on Arjun for help. So when the Comedk 2018 Admit Card was out, he was having no idea as to how to download the Admit Card online. This is the bitter truth. If we are growing in one frontier we are losing on the other end.

Indian Education System

If “WE” realise and address the issues now, things can turn out to be better. We can ameliorate the existing challenges and can prevent them from exacerbating. Now we want to do this or not, and only sit back and complain about the politicians expecting they will do the necessary changes, depends on “US”.

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