‘Can You Ever Be Loyal To A Person Or A Cause?’: Tajinder Bagga Slams Subramaniam Swamy

In an unlikely duel, BJP leaders Subramaniam Swamy and Tajinder Bagga faced off against each other on Twitter recently. The reason was Mr. Swamy’s twisted tweets concerning the BJP IT cell.

Here is what happened

Rajya Sabha MP Subramaniam Swamy posted a tweet saying BJP IT cell was “putting out fake ID tweets to make personal attacks” on him. Despite this, BJP chose to retain Amit Malviya as the IT cell chief. After this, Mr. Swamy said that his earlier post was to test if Mr. Malviya had really put out the ‘fake ID’s’.


This infuriated Tajinder Bagga, who asked Mr. Swamy if he could “ever loyal to a person or a cause“. He put out a series of tweets in this regard. 

Mr. Swamy’s appreciation of Congress Leaders

Many were also surprised by Mr. Swamy’s sudden appreciation of Congress leaders and their work. He had recently retweeted an article that was titled “Sweeping Revamp to Local Connect: Priyanka ‘Didi’ is the Agent of Silent Change in Cong’s UP Strategy“. Tajinder Bagga also shared the screenshot of the same.

Mr. Swamy is yet to respond directly although he is retweeting the posts made by individuals who are in his favor. The same technique is being followed by Tajinder Bagga at the moment.


Twitterati puts out its opinion

Meanwhile, users on opinion took to the hashtag #Swamy and posted their opinions in the matter. Here a few curated below:

Source: Free Press Journal