SSR Death Case: Subramaniam Swamy Says Investigation Agencies Have Found Proof That It’s A Murder By Conspiracy

Veteran politician Subramanian Swamy has claimed that the ‘Trimurti’ agencies have unearthed major evidence which could prove that Sushant’s death was murder by conspiracy. By ‘Trimurti’ agencies, Mr. Swamy is referring to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Enforcement Directorate (ED), and Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), the three agencies which are handling the case of Sushant’s death.

Mr. Swamy takes to Twitter

The politician took to Twitter to express his views. In the first tweet, he said: “SSR bhaktas ask when SSR case will reach prosecution. I can’t say but: AIIMS team could make an independent probe since nobody. So relied on Hospital records & said ‘murder not ruled out but CBI can decide on circumstantial evidence’. So CBI, ED, NCB at it with vigor.


In the next tweet, he said: “Now the Trimurti agencies have unearthed huge evidence by which I am confident CBI will find it easy to prove in court that it was indeed murder by conspiracy. Not only justice will be done but SSR will be vindicated by the clean up that follows in Bollywood.

Mr. Swamy has been giving constant updates about the case

Subramaniam Swamy has been at the forefront of this case from the beginning. While he was at the influential in ensuring a CBI investigation of the case, ever since, the leader has been giving timely updates about the investigation.

A month ago, he had alleged: “There was systematic destruction in the evidence. This requires painstaking reconstruction. Since SSR was cremated the next day, the toughest is the re-evaluation of the Cooper Hospital autopsy report. So circumstantial evidence obtained by CBI and confessions got to have to fill the gap.