6 Best Kept Secrets of the World that will never be revealed to you, no matter what

6 Best Kept Secrets of the World

The World around us is quite mystic and when flipping the pages of history we find so many secrets buried in an anonymous grave. It is better if few things are not explored but we continue to ponder over them. It could be fatal to reveal a few but more we keep it secluded the more it gets an attention and a desire to break the mystery behind. Keeping this thought aside for a while let’s take a look at the top 6 best-kept secrets of the World in today’s read.

6 Best Kept Secrets of the World which are still a mystery unresolved

Oil Deposits in the USA

Exact oil mining location in the US is still unknown to the public as the US Government has kept it undisclosed. The reason is simple that the richer purchase the lands to build their own wells and earn crazily by making it as a business. Rumors flutter like if you find oil deposits on your land, you are supposed to report it and the Government will buy the land and you have to sign an agreement to keep the location a secret. This way, the location of the exact mining for oil is one of the best-kept secrets of the world covered by the US Government.


Secrets of the World
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KFC meal and Recipe

If you wanna recreate the taste of KFC at your home then it is a dream that will never come true. KFC has kept their recipe private and has never disclosed or keep an intention to do so. This is World’s top secret that the KFC has maintained ever since it was set up. The famous Chicken dish of KFC prepared by Herland Sanders in 1930 leads him to build a chain of restaurants across the world. May be, it is this secret guarded in the HQ of the company is one of the attributes to their success.

Best Kept Secrets of the World
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Hitler Mystery

It is widely known that Adolf Hitler’s death was a suicide and he killed himself in his underground bunker. History reports that the death occurred on 30th April 1945 but how true it is a subject of debate. This question arises after looking at the evidence from FBI documents stating that the Government had an information about Hitler being alive after World War 2. This doesn’t seem to be fake as there were no options left for Hitler and he had to escape from Germany for his own survival. Surprisingly FBI kept this as a secret and the reason for it is still under wraps.

Secrets of the World
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Origin of HIV / AIDS

We have been a part of discussions about the origin of HIV and there are so many theories formulated with an attempt to cognize the horse’s mouth. Sources believe that HIV originated from Africa, but what about those whispers saying HIV being manufactured in the laboratory by scientists. Is HIV Man-made?


Conspiracy theorists believe that the cure for HIV has been found. In that case, why it has not been shared? What’s the intention behind? Well, the science has no answer to it and so it is considered as a mystery yet to be resolved.

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Anonymous years of Jesus in India

Unknown years of Jesus or Silent years refers to the time between Jesus’s childhood and the beginning of his ministry which is mystic as there is no reference to it in the New Testament. There are conspiracies and theories stating that Jesus spent a part of his life in Kashmir learning and experiencing the rooted spirituality of India. The New Testament marks the age 12-30 of Jesus’s life as a black hole meaning having no evidence of he being where. If he lived in India, then the question arises about the origin of Christianity. This one secret when unravels will shake the beliefs of millions.

Having this BBC documentary about the same is astonishing.


Best Kept Secrets of the World
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Clouded story of a Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world has few secrets camouflaged in the back door of history. According to the book, ‘The true story of Taj Mahal’, the fort was originally a Shiva temple built during Rajput rule at Agra. Later when Shah jahan wins a battle against Rajputs, he conquers the temple and names it as MumTaj Mahal.
However no official consent has given to this by any Government bodies but the mystery gets stronger to see few rooms closed in the fort from the time of shah jahan and according to researchers, these rooms contain proof that the tomb was a temple of Shiva. There is a wait and time has an answer to everything barring the conspiracy of Taj Mahal being a matter of debate.

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Secrets of the World
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So, these were few of the best-kept secrets of the World. If you have read about this and has an information to share then please share with us in the comments below.