Bengaluru Traffic Police Gears Up For Stuffing 360 Potholes Before Monsoon As BBMP Choses To Sleep


Bangalore Traffic Police is setting up an example that if the right things are needed to be done, there is no need to wait for anyone’s approval.

Once the traffic police department of Bengaluru found out that around 360 potholes exist in the city that is in need of instant stuffing before monsoon sets in, the department started filling them without looking up to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) for approval of funds.


Getting Funds From BBMP May Delay The Process

The Bangalore Traffic Police officials have already started supervising the stuffing of potholes and completed the task on three main locations in the city through non-public contractors. These locations include 100ft Road in Indiranagar, Old Airport Road, and SV Road.

At present, BBMP is short of funds and it may take some time for getting the required amount from the state government. That is why, P Harishekaran, the Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) have asked the visitors police to start filling up the potholes irrespective of the sources they have.

Ameer Hamza, a traffic constable gave the contract to a BBMP contractor who has already operated on some other highway stretch. Hamza requested this contractor to fill up one of the crucial potholes on the three roads using the development subject matter from the ongoing paintings work he is already doing.    

The contractor willingly fulfilled this request from the constable because BTP has been quite helpful when it came to diverting visitors whenever the contractor was completing paintings on road at various locations in Bengaluru. He agreed to fulfill the task free of charge.  

Mutual Understanding Between BBMP Contractor & BTP Officials

According to a senior visitors inspector, “On Friday, we had helped the BBMP contractor by way of diverting the visitors as they have been operating on a stretch of highway so we requested them that they replenish potholes the usage of some of their fabrics because it calls for only little to replenish one pothole they usually agreed. We have been getting all main potholes stuffed up the usage of our sources and contacts prior to monsoon hits the town with the intention to steer clear of accidents.”

As a part of mutual understanding, Harishekaran requested BBMP to track the potholes and replenish them. Importantly, BTP has also come across 45 additional places which can choke the traffic due to waterlogging in monsoon.


The Bangalore traffic police inspector further added, “We have written letters to BBMP with the locations of the potholes however they could take time so BTP is filling them the usage of alternative ways like soliciting for BBMP contractors operating in within reach areas to make use of their subject matter to replenish potholes, and borrowing fabrics from trucks wearing it for quite a lot of roadworks.”

It is indeed heartwarming to see that both the government bodies are trying to improve road conditions to make commuting easier for the residents in Bengaluru during monsoon.



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